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PraxiGroup | Home - Il Gruppo Praxi opera da oltre trent'anni in tutto il territorio nazionale per fornire una risposta seria e professionale alle esigenze diagnostiche e terapeutiche delle persone e un supporto alle aziende in tema di salute dei lavoratori.

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  • PennyForYourThoughts - Purchased mainly for the carpet refreshing/sanitizing feature

    We live in an RV and normally, I can hand wipe the small amount of vinyl flooring we have. The main reason we got this was so that we could refresh and sanitize the carpets. In an RV, you don't want to steam clean the carpets often since it can make the wood floor weak and possibly moldy. We have 3 kitties under the age of 1 year and occasionally one of them steps into messes in their litter box and then track it around the camper. I wasn't sure how to clean the carpet better then spot treating, but knew I had to do something. I had a Shark steam mop when we lived in a house and it was okay, but I wasn't aware of the newer versions of mops that had the carpet glider option. I was very intrigued and did a ton of research and reading up on all the different models. I finally decided to give the HAAN SI-70 a go because I liked the handheld feature so that I could steam the furniture, pillows, mattresses, etc. It was a bonus that when I did decide, it happened to be on sale for $98!

  • June - This works great.

    This book is an easy and quick read. Chapter 7 is titled Dr. Fife's Oil Pulling Therapy. I recommend that you read this chapter 1st then start with chapter 1. The success stories of others are interesting. Each person will definitely have a different experience . I have been oil pulling consistently for 6 weeks and I have noticed improvements. I use Coconut Oil that is organic, virgin, and unrefined. I feel the coconut oil flavor is a lot easier to use especially if you like coconut.

  • mrrhome - Love it

    Great Product, great price. Love that it's in subscribe and save!!! It's nice to not have to run to the store for it.

  • Nona Baker - Oil Pulling Therapy

    Reading this book has convinced me that Oil Pulling is a valid therapy to detox the body and especially if there are issues with the mouth, teeth and gums. I started doing this about a month ago and my arthritis pain is much, much less, my teeth are much whiter (mine have always been a yellow color which made me not want to smile much). I've noticed some changes in and around the stomach area and seem to be digesting foods much better. I've been using Sesame Seed oil which seems to work well. I do it when showering in the morning.

  • carole weston - Great exercise chair

    It's all I thought it to be. I like the idea of sitting and being able to tone up the muscles that were interferred with due to my mastectomy. I feel much better.

  • Dennys Garcia - Dissapoint

    The game dissapoint me, The players can't do much, it is like the CPU is playing. I don't know why change it the game. the only thing that i like of the game is goalkeeper head off his gateway. I would like that in the game will respect the speed of each player because is easy mark or reach them while the game.