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  • Mike - Book was fine.

    This book was in good condition and cheaper than anywhere else, I would recommend this purchase. I actually did not need the book for my class and returning it was no problem.

  • SeraphimBooks - Don't buy this software

    Purchased the antivirus for two computers. Worst decision I have made regarding software. Completely destroyed one PC and brought the blue screen on windows 8. Wasn't able to log in and had to reformat to initial settings. Second PC had no internet connection even after I uninstalled the software. Played with internet settings for over 2 hrs until I restored.

  • Marshall Smith - Easy to use

    I've become such a huge fan of these over the last couple of years. Easy to use, discreet, and non-damaging.

  • JennyJoy - Not worth the money

    I tried Amberen out of desperation to end hot flashes and night sweats. Should have saved my money and taken a sugar pill. This product did absolutely nothing to help with either problem. Would not recommend.


    I was ambushed by a charming foreign woman a few months and dragged into our local Orogold store (didn't buy anything but felt like I had dodged a bullet). After that I have given that store a wide berth until today when I distractedly walked by and was again dragged in by a pushy foreign salesperson (it turned out they were both from Israel). I got a painfully hard sell involving numerous eye creams and serums. It was awful because I couldn't stop thinking about how much time it was taking and all the other things I had to do but couldn't politely extricate myself. The guy just wouldn't take no for an answer. I felt really trapped.