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Online Coaching for JEE Main | JEE Advanced | AIPMT | Boards - Online coaching for JEE Main & Advanced, AIPMT, NTSE and Olympiad with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology Video lectures, study material and test series.

  • https://www.plancess.com/about-us About Plancess Edu Solutions | Plancess - Plancess is India’s first company providing online video lectures and study material for top competative entrance examinations prepared by experts and top iitians.
  • https://www.plancess.com/products Online Video Lectures | study material for JEE Main & Advanced, AIPMT - Complete Solution for Board Exams, JEE Main and JEE Advanced and AIPMT Preparation. All packages cover the entire 11th & 12th Syllabus along with expert tips and tricks.
  • https://www.plancess.com/resources JEE Main 2017 – Exam Schedule, Form, Eligibility and Paper Pattern - Know JEE Main 2017 exam date and time, eligibility criteria, syllabus, paper pattern and online application form procedure right here!
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    Obesity and Diabetes have the potential to eventually cause cancer, heart disease,blindness and loss of limbs besides blindness. The cost of these can bankrupt the system in ten years. Functional Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Integrative Medicine which involve more than the traditional approach of drugs and invasive surgery or exclude them altogether as in Naturopathic Medicine are the low cost, highly effective answer to today's lack of wellness problems. This 10 day program can change your life and for some save it. It involves the best of the principles of Chinese Medicine principles of addressing the mind, body and spirit as one to obtain wellness and retain wellness while reducing medical costs. Well done Dr Hyman , well done indeed.

  • [email protected] - nice

    Has worked on most things. It did not hold on a ceramic baking lit, after cooking a meal in it the lid split again. It has worked well on other things we have used it on.

  • Ken in Denver - All you wanted to know about the Expert pen ...

    I've had probably a dozen of these Expert black with gold trim rollerball pens over 20 years, typically buying 2-3 at a time since I seem to lose one every year or two. Mont Blancs just seem too old-fashioned and snobby to me. I first saw a doctor writing with an Expert 2o years ago, and it looked so handsome I knew this would be my signature pen forever. "Handsome" is the right word since this pen is "masculine" in size. It's 5 1/2" long closed, 6" long opened, and 1/2" in diameter, so it's not for tiny hands or those who like light pens. For those, the Waterman slimmer "Perspective" or "Exception" or "Hemisphere" collections may be more appropriate. It operates like a fountain pen - you pull off the cap (top part in picture) and click it down onto the base (bottom part in picture) to write. You unscrew the two bottom parts to put in a refill.

  • Estupinan Rodriguez Jose David - So far so good! Game music is beautiful

    So far so good! Game music is beautiful, intro was superb, gameplay is deep enough and graphic are really nice! It runs well on my iMac with bootcamp (2014).

  • Grizzz - Worked like a charm on my corolla

    it does take a little skill to make sure you dont let it land on any other surface (besides the one your trying to remove 3m from) but honestly it works great. i would recommend this glue remover to anyone who wants to remove decals from there car or remove the glue left over when removed.

  • Amazon Customer - antiagemj

    all of Perricone MD products are the best cannot go wrong with his anti aging regimen...I will return to order more and from you for you,

  • Steven Boren - It is quite funny to me

    It is quite funny to me that there are two kinds of reviews on here about this product. 1) The REAL reviews with 1-2 stars that show that this product is ineffective and 2) The reviews from the "distributors" trying to boost the ratings of this product. It is a HUGE red flag when there are nearly as many 5 stars as there are 1 stars, and very little in between. I have never used this product, but I know several people who use/sale it. It is a HOAX. The sales representative takes these "before/after" pictures that show remarkable results in just a few weeks. It is a JOKE. Any person with 2 eyes can see that the lighting, camera angle, and head angle are significantly different in the "after" picture in order to show "improvements" in skin condition. I have years of education behind me. I have attempted to research the claims of these products on "Peer reviewed journal articles" from a University's database and there is NO research about this product. The only research is given by NERIUM INT. and it is clearly inaccurate. The only info that comes when I attempt to search for it is "Nerium oleander". The Journal articles are mainly on how to treat POISONINGS from this plant! This product is a fraud. This is nothing but a PYRAMID SCHEME people!! A few individuals at the top are making A LOT OF MONEY while their "minions" build "teams". If this product was truly as magnificent as it claims to be it would be available in stores. Save your money and your intelligence and stay away from this product and all affiliations.