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Welcome to Air Liquide Poland > Industrial compressed welding laser specialty food medical gases liquid gases argon oxygen nitrogen hydrogen > Air Liquide Polska - Produkcja i dystrybucja gazów - Air Liquide Polska. Grupa oferuje wszelkiego rodzaju gazysprężone, laserowe, spawalnicze, specjalne, techniczne, argon sprężony, ciekły azot, ciekły tlen,mieszanki kalibracyjne i gazy do mrożenia kriogenicznego.

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  • Amazon Customer - I LOVE my TYME Iron and highly recommend to everyone

    I LOVE my TYME Iron and highly recommend to everyone! I have thin/fine hair and could never keep a curl! With the right products, my hair looks better than it ever has. It takes a few tries to get down the technique, but once you get it, you will love it as much as I do!

  • Jim Champaigne - Good start for newbies

    I spent about 30 years using FoxPro, dBase etc and never got into Visual Basic or Access. This book is well constructed, easy to follow and has good examples.

  • Alexandra Schouten - Contains Stimulant - do not use before bed

    This blend CAUSED me to have anxiety and insomnia. Like other reviewers have stated, these capsules contain eleuthero, which is a stimulant that can increase energy, focus, etc. It was absolutely my fault for not reading up on this herb before I took them, but it still begs the question -- why would they be adding this to kava kava, a root meant to relax you and help you sleep? Awful experience; will be throwing the bottle out immediately.

  • bananie5 - Safe, sleek, portable, storable!

    I would seriously consider making this my only chair. It is awesome on my breakfast bar so my 2 yr old daughter can watch me cook or tidy while she safely eats or colors. It's a cinch to move to our dining table when we need an extra child seat. We use a plastic booster style (a gift, not our preference) now at the table and it doesn't slide under and also means my daughter knocks her knees from time to time. We also returned an expensive ball bearing style high chair that moved around nicely but was big and annoying to store (and not well made, hence the return). I love this seat and wish I had gotten it sooner instead of the others mentioned and for previous trips. As it stands we're getting lots of use even with another option and look forward to having it on our upcoming trip.

  • jibberjab - Just me

    I know it was just me, but this program ended up a little over my head, and not really covering the things I needed, so I got a property Manager.