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PIC/S - Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme , Leading the international development, implementation and maintenance of harmonisedGMP standards and quality systems of inspectorates in the field of medicinal products

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  • Ken E - Now this is a hit

    This is really nice. Have used other shaving cream brands but this is my favorite. I use a shave brush and this one takes very little product on the brush and latters up very nice. With the pre shave oil always get a really close shave and very few nicks now. This product will last a long time but I will use this one again, may even try another scent but my favorite is lavender. Great way to begin the day.

  • Joleeinabox - Amazing product for women

    Amazing product for women! I'm a proud alpha female on month 3 now I've never felt better. This product delivers 100% my first month I was given a custom meal plan which I followed along with the supplements results were unreal as I had a hard time finding a way tone my body Def worth the $$ Thank you sherdz!

  • J. Rockwell - Poor choice!

    Bought TaxAct upon PCMag's recommendation. Poor choice!. Import function from competitor's pdfs is broken. You get an error message saying server is down for maintenance! That's just the beginning. Tech support? That's a joke.. Still waiting for an answer after many days! User interface has many glitches. I'm stuck with it this year, but PCMag has lost much credibility with me! Yea TurboTax got caught being greedy, but they have already learned a lesson and issued apologies. You can now get the same stuff as last year with the Deluxe Their user interface is MUCH better.

  • madlyn fafard - Attention manufaturer

    The second bottle I purchased ended up glued tight together at the 1/2 way mark of use. They were so stuck together I had to throw out the last half bottle. I hope this is niot common as I prefer to keep buying

  • Twoshoes - I feel I am qualified to review this honestly because ...

    I feel I am qualified to review this honestly because I used and tested it extensively over several weeks and months. It does work well as a standard charger. I used it on several vehicle batteries and left it on my truck battery for 6 weeks cause the truck is rarely driven. I load tested and checked the CCA on it before during and after the multiple batteries I used it on but can honestly say I did not see an increase in CCA or voltage. Maybe it just needs longer but even 3 or 4 weeks is a long time. I also tried another brand of recovery charger on several batteries around the same time and saw about the same results I saw with this one.

  • Lilith - Buy this if you want your car to look brand-new again!

    Your car will be super shiny and clean after being washed down with this product. It's a great size and I highly recommend this to anyone whom cares about their vehicle's appearance.

  • Kenneth Townsley - Great feel

    I bought this knife 8/20/10, and its great! Came razor sharp. I cut myself on accident by barley taping it on my thumb. I would not recomend as a playing knife or for show because it can do some serious damage. But if your a hunter; Skinning, gutting, whatever you do. hell you could kill a deer with this beauty. Its feels great in hand.