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People care plus, medical care for the American people - PeopleCarePlus provides you with information about health care service, American doctors and which hospitals to find them near you.

  • http://www.peoplecareplus.com/specialties Find a doctor by specialty, doctors in specialties - American doctors in specialties, find a doctor specialty or state, medical specialty listing.
  • http://www.peoplecareplus.com/doctor/travis-headley-1982847414 Dr. Travis A Headley, emergency medicine, medical license in FL - Dr. Travis A Headley has medical license at 700 W Oak St, Kissimmee FL, emergency medicine, reviews for Dr. Travis A Headley, phone number, doctor profile.
  • http://www.peoplecareplus.com/doctor/michael-kasimier-1982832978 Dr. Michael Paul Kasimier, physical therapist, medical license in FL - Dr. Michael Paul Kasimier has medical license at 1422 San Marco Blvd, Jacksonville FL, physical therapist, reviews for Dr. Michael Paul Kasimier, phone number, doctor profile.
  • http://www.peoplecareplus.com/doctor/mira-sachdev-1982826335 Dr. Mirasachdev, psychiatry, medical license in FL - Dr. Mirasachdev has medical license at 860 Century Medical Dr, Titusville FL, psychiatry, reviews for Dr. Mirasachdev, phone number, doctor profile.
  • http://www.peoplecareplus.com/doctor/dedra-ling-1982836151 Dr. Dedra N Ling, optometry, medical license in FL - Dr. Dedra N Ling has medical license at 1444 Kennedy Dr, Key West FL, optometry, reviews for Dr. Dedra N Ling, phone number, doctor profile.
  • http://www.peoplecareplus.com/doctor/tarik-haddad-1982818886 Dr. Tarik J Haddad, pulmonary disease, medical license in FL - Dr. Tarik J Haddad has medical license at 5 Tampa General Cir, Tampa FL, pulmonary disease, reviews for Dr. Tarik J Haddad, phone number, doctor profile.
  • http://www.peoplecareplus.com/doctor/shondell-bouie-1982826806 Dr. Shondell M Bouie, pathology, medical license in FL - Dr. Shondell M Bouie has medical license at 110 Longwood Ave, Rockledge FL, pathology, reviews for Dr. Shondell M Bouie, phone number, doctor profile.
  • http://www.peoplecareplus.com/doctor/julie-bishop-1982832275 Dr. Juliebishop, certified registered nurse anesthetist, medical license in FL - Dr. Juliebishop has medical license at 300 Jeffords St, Clearwater FL, certified registered nurse anesthetist, reviews for Dr. Juliebishop, phone number, doctor profile.
  • http://www.peoplecareplus.com/doctor/luz-pacheco-1982824769 Dr. Luz E Pacheco, nurse practitioner, medical license in FL - Dr. Luz E Pacheco has medical license at 9400 Gladiolus Dr, Fort Myers FL, nurse practitioner, reviews for Dr. Luz E Pacheco, phone number, doctor profile.
  • http://www.peoplecareplus.com/doctor/paola-lichtenberger-1982862744 Dr. Paola N Lichtenberger, infectious disease, medical license in FL - Dr. Paola N Lichtenberger has medical license at 1611 Nw 12th Ave, Miami FL, infectious disease, reviews for Dr. Paola N Lichtenberger, phone number, doctor profile.
  • http://www.peoplecareplus.com/doctor/jeremy-gold-1982849394 Dr. Jeremy B Gold, anesthesiology, medical license in FL - Dr. Jeremy B Gold has medical license at 3501 Johnson Street, Hollywood FL, anesthesiology, reviews for Dr. Jeremy B Gold, phone number, doctor profile.

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  • Katie S. - This is a waste of time and money

    This is a waste of time and money. The questions are way too easy and look nothing like the actual NCLEX. even the Kaplan course that provides online login and practice questions looks nothing like the questions in this book.

  • laura - If you have a small area this refrigerator is perfect. I tried a Whirlpool first and was not ...

    If you have a small area this refrigerator is perfect. I tried a Whirlpool first and was not happy very loud and junky. The Samsung is great, quiet running lots of space. Should have purchased the Samsung first.

  • paracelsus - Total Waste of Time

    I upgraded to this from the 2010 version. We print a lot of cards and have used this program for several years. However, we are sending back the 2011 version for a refund. There was no problem installing it on a machine running XP, but that's about the only good thing.

  • Teresa M Johnson - Great Read

    This book is a Wonderful escape for those of us who like a light read and complex mystery. I will be looking for more from Ravenwood Cove! Proud to be kin to this writer!!

  • Anonymous - Great item. Very well made.

    I purchased this for my 2014 Ram. I had read a bunch of negative reviews. I love the look and build quality of this item. It is Absolutely true you will have reduced reception. I live in Wichita and it pulls in every local station as clear as the original. Only when I drive away from Wichita do I lose out on stations. About 30 miles out. Much shorter than the stock one but I hated its length and having to remove it at car wash. Both Amazon and the manufacturer will accept returns so what do you have to lose?

  • Cheryl - Beautiful, simple and durable

    I get compliments on this pattern all the time. The green is like a sage, and it is a gorgeous, classy, simple pattern. For variety, I mix it with the serving pieces from the Colorwave Cream pattern. It is versatile stonewear- it goes in the oven, fridge and freezer. I have been using it for over two years and I have never chipped or cracked any pieces. I do not get any marks on them from flatwear, as others mentioned they have. I would buy this pattern again. My friend has the Colorwave Blue, which is how I got turned on to the pattern. She loves it too.

  • Jack - Cannot work on windows 10.

    Cannot work on windows 10. Downloaded it after searching for windows 10 antivirus but can't e loaded At least it didn't cost me. Just went to Avast website and downloaded their free av and it works fine on windows 10. Amazon needs to get updated copy. Keep trying they will be getting it soon.