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Dry Mouth Treatment All Night, or All Day from OraCoat | OraCoat.com - OraCoat oral adhering discs relieve symptoms of dry mouth by coating the mouth with safe ingredients that become effective as they are slowly released.

  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/about-us About Us | OraCoat.com - OraHealth is the world leader in the breakthrough technology of “oral adhering discs” which slowly release ingredients in the mouth and are safe while sleeping.
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/contact-us Contact Us | OraCoat.com - OraHealth is located in Bellevue, WA, within 12 miles of the University of Washington, one of the nation’s premier centers of dental research and education.
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/wheretobuy Where to buy Xylimelts | Dry Mouth Relief | OraCoat.com - XyliMelts are available for purchase online or at your local pharmacy. Find relief from dry mouth at the nearest retail location near you.
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/treatments Dry Mouth & Bad Breath Treatments | OraCoat.com - Learn about common causes of dry mouth and bad breath. Find out how XyliMelts can help treat both symptoms and provide fast relief!
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/dry-mouth-xerostomia-symptoms Dry Mouth (Xerostomia) Symptoms & Treatment - OraCoat XyliMelts | OraCoat.com - Dry Mouth is a condition in which salivary glands no longer produce normal saliva flow. Learn more about symptoms and how XyliMelts can provide relief.
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/causes-of-dry-mouth-xerostomia Causes of Dry Mouth (Xerostomia) - Side Effects & Conditions | OraCoat.com - Learn more about common causes of Dry Mouth, including causes from side effects of medication and medical conditions. Find out if XyliMelts can help.
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/bad-breath-halitosis Bad Breath (Halitosis) Causes & Treatment - OraCoat XyliMelts | OraCoat.com - Get fast and easy relief from bad breath with XyliMelts. Learn more about the causes of bad breath and how you can treat the symptoms.
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/xylitol-and-bad-breath-treatment Xylitol and Bad Breath Treatment | OraCoat.com - Find out how xylitol may help you treat bad breath. Xylitol is an all natural sugar that's safe for the teeth and can be used to stimulate saliva flow.
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/morning-breath Morning Breath Prevention with XyliMelts - OraCoat | OraCoat.com - Treat bad breath with XyliMelts--learn about the common causes of morning breath and how XyliMelts can help remedy, and even prevent bad breath.
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/how-to-treat-dry-mouth-from-diabetes How to Treat Dry Mouth from Diabetes | OraCoat.com - XyliMelts can help treat dry mouth caused by diabetes. Find out how XyliMelts can help alleviate painful dry mouth and provide relief.
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/how-to-treat-dry-mouth-from-cpap-machine-use How to Treat Dry Mouth from CPAP Machine Use | OraCoat.com - If you suffer from dry mouth caused by CPAP machine use, XyliMelts can help keep your mouth moist during sleep and during waking hours.
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/dry-mouth-and-cancer-side-effects-and-symptom-management Dry Mouth and Cancer - Side Effects and Symptom Management | OraCoat.com - If you are experiencing dry mouth due to cancer or cancer treatment, XyliMelts may be able to help! Learn more about how XyliMelts can help treat dry mouth symptoms.
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/mouth-sore-treatment Mouth Sores Treatment | Mouth Sores Causes & Prevention | OraCoat.com - Mouth sores are painful ulcers found on the cheeks, lips, gums, tongue, bottom of the mouth, and the soft palate. Learn more about mouth sores treatment!
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/mouth-ulcers Mouth Ulcers Treatment | Mouth Ulcer Causes & Prevention | OraCoat.com - Mouth ulcers are an ulceration of the mucosal membrane in the mouth. Learn more about mouth ulcers treatment!
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/faq-page FAQ Page | OraCoat.com - Jump to a Section in this Article: Is the sweetener in XyliMelts safe for my teeth? How do I apply Xylimelts? Where can I find XyliMelts? Do you offer free samp
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/testimonials Testimonials | Dry Mouth Relief | OraCoat.com - Learn how Xylimelts from OraCoat.com have helped CPAP users, cancer patients and those with Sjogrens Syndrome relieve symptoms of dry mouth.
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/information-for-professionals Information for Professionals | Xerostomia Relief | OraCoat.com - Free Patient Samples and Wholesale Pricing is available for dentists and other health professionals whose patients suffer from dry mouth symptoms of xerostomia.
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/xylimelts-clinical-studies Clinical Studies for Professionals - OraCoat | XyliMelts | OraCoat.com - Evaluation of pH Values of Products Managing Xerostomia Pryanka Tayee, Alexander Hsu, Regina Messer, Scott De Rossi, Katherine Ciarocca, Frederic Rueggeberg, De
  • https://www.oracoat.com/pages/oracoat-xylimelts-rated-most-effective-by-dentists OraCoat XyliMelts Rated Most Effective by Dentists* | OraCoat.com - In a survey reported in the March 2016 issue of Clinicians Report*, 1168 dentists rated the types of dry mouth remedies they had experience with as: very effect
  • https://www.oracoat.com/products/xmdm XyliMelts for Dry Mouth | Saliva Stimulant | OraCoat.com - XyliMelts is the best solution for Dry Mouth (xerostomia). Buy XyliMelts in bulk and save! Free Samples for both professionals and consumers.
  • https://www.oracoat.com/products/h-b12 H-B12 Melts for mouth sore relief - 24 discs | OraCoat.com - H-B12 Melts are long-lasting adhering discs with hyaluronan and bioactive vitamin B12 to relieve temporary pain from mouth sores, cuts, wounds, and mouth ulcers.
  • https://www.oracoat.com/products/free-samples-of-h-b12-melts-4-discs-just-pay-shipping-3-20 Sample of H-B12 Melts - 4 discs - $3.20 | OraCoat.com - H-B12 Melts are long-lasting adhering discs with hyaluronan and bioactive B12 to relieve temporary pain from mouth sores, cuts, wounds, and mouth ulcers

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  • KIDADA - I don't ever plan to stop using this!!!

    It does exactly what it claims to do! On the third day I used it three times. By day four my husband told me my butt was really toning up. Lol. I didn't tell him about this lotion so he is assuming I'm working out but I purposely didn't do any working out for two weeks. (to really be able to tell whether or not the cream was working). It is definitely restoring me to my former glory🙌🙌🙌🙌. I'm a real person and didn't receive anything for this review.

  • Edward Gentry III - Expensive and does not work... Went through 2 bottles to give it a chance and it made very little difference.

    As everyone out there that suffers from ingrown hairs I was very excited and praying for this product to work. This product is the same as all the other less expensive products that claim to be a miracle cure. I was fooled by the price thinking that it something this expensive would help some but there has been very little change. For $30 I'd be better off saving it and putting it towards laser hair removal. I'm not saying it won't work for someone else. I just know it didn't work for me.

  • PB Bay - Can see the new hairs growing in

    I had experienced hair loss after having a child about 6 months after birth and it was quite noticeable at my hair line. My ponytail got so much smaller in diameter. 2 years later, I haven't fully recovered all the hair loss, but little by little. I bought this to see if it would help but did not try it that frequently. Recently, however, I started to apply it at my widows peak and temples where there was hardly any hair left at all and about 2 weeks later, i have a lot of 2 in long baby hairs in both locations. I know they say that the hair loss is just because your body is catching up to all the hair you did not lose during your pregnancy, but I am skeptical about that. My doctor said that I would have had a thinning hair problem irregardless of having a baby, but I really disagree with this. I had very thick hair all my life and even did Accutane and survived that crazy hair loss without any noticeable thinning on my scalp (and that was a lot of hair loss). The hair loss with pregnancy I experienced was unreal! I intend to continue using this and hope that I can get my full head of hair back soon! On a side note, I did ask my doctor about how to try to avoid the hair loss if I have another baby and she said that if I go back onto hormonal BC after 3 months of nursing, that will definitely help. It's the lack of the pregnancy hormones that signals your body to start shedding. And most moms go off of any hormonal birth control indefinitely because they are nursing. But my doctor said that it is safe to go back on after 3 months. I intend to try this the next time around and see if this can also prevent hair loss.