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  • Laurence J. - Zero hair growth!

    It hasn't worked for me, even though I've been using it for 6 months already. Nice bubbles, though, but expensive ones.

  • anonymous - Mixed on this one....

    I am sort of mixed about this book. Her story is defintely remarkable, considering she came to fame when songwriting was dominated by men. She is very honest about her struggles, but some of it still seems very surface. She seems contradictory about her self image issues- at one point is discussing how her relationship with Burt B. made her overly conscious of her appearance, to the point of getting breast implants-- and then discusses how she tells her new partner he should get his turkey neck fixed with surgery.. I would have liked to have read more about how it felt to be a woman in this business-- aside from the superficial and how feminism did (or didn't) impact her. That seems to be sort of missing, but she does admit that she completely avoided the hippie era of which her peers were heavily involved in.

  • Reader - So much fun

    This is one of my Grandson's favorite games. He's had it for months and still loves it. Perfect for the 8-10 year old. Fun, fun, fun!

  • rrusa - QuickBooks user for life

    My 6th update of QuickBooks. Not a bad upgrade, except for the annoying new menu items on the left. Takes up space and is redundant of top menu items. Gimmicky for the sake of upgrade if you ask me. Otherwise love QuickBooks and will continue to be a user until they screw things up.