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Otoacoustic emissions (OAE) Portal Zone - This site contains information on the otoacoustic emissions, details on available OAE hardware and software and on-line OAE lectures and white papers

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  • Kindle Customer - Little pricey.

    Gift for Grandson, in collage majoring in music. This is what he ask for, so would assume it was recommended to him.

  • J & A Ratzlaff - Growing eye lashes

    I have been wanting to grow my eyelashes longer I have short ones even my eight year old has longer lashes than I do

  • Amazon Customer - Great strength retinol!

    This was shipped packaged very well in bubble wrap plastic. This serum from Aurora Cure contains Aloe, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Green Tea, and Retinol (Vitamin A). The Retinol is professional strength at 2.5%, and comes in a 1 oz. brown bottle with a dropper lid.

  • Lori K - Full of Chemicals!

    Read the ingredients and research them! Absoulute chemicals in it! My daughter dislikes the taste of both chocolate and vanilla and seriously, who could blame her? It even tastes like chemicals! And this was recommended by our pediatrician for her to gain weight! Nope, sorry, I won't be dumping chemicals into her for the sake of gaining weight! I've begun making her organic protein shakes instead!

  • Mecca Girl - One is enough for Energy

    I will admit, I don't take this as directed or for it's intended purpose, which is weight loss. I take this strictly as an energy supplement and it works wonders! I take ONE before every work out and as needed throughout the day. I seldom ever take two at a time because one is potent enough for an energy boost. Once in a great while I'll double up if I'm really feeling sluggish. I cannot attest to any appetite suppression because I'm not taking as directed so maybe following the schedule and taking two at a time would work. Personally I would not want to take two at a time at regular intervals just because it would be a little too much stimulation.

  • Fred Carpinello - not compatible with latest technology

    Syncing problems moving my info from qb online to desktop. They said the problem was the software does not work with current programs such as internet explorer 9, 10, or 11. And will not work with google chrome. It has been almost a month and they have helped resolve most issues after hours on the phone with support. It is not a plug in and play.