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North Texas Chapter of the ACS - Home - The North Texas Chapter of the American College of Surgeons was established in 1952, and provides a vehicle from which local Fellows, Associate Fellows, Residents and medical students may more closely interact with the College to carry out the Mission of improving the care of the surgical patient. Our geographic boundaries essentially include the northern half of the state of Texas, extending just south of Waco.

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  • Sonoma Geezer - Strong and sticks to anything

    I can't believe I never heard of this stuff before. Our handyman introduced me to it. It is strong and it sticks to anything. Most recent application, repaired my wife's purse when her magnetic catch fell off. I am a real buyer, no free samples.

  • Sarah moore - Cool toy

    We got this for our foster son who is just discovering the fun to be had with legos, and this is the highlight of his day! He cannot wait to open the next door, and spends a few minutes each day playing with them. It is a bit pricey, but imo well worth it!

  • thezarre - Did the trick!

    Bought this for my daughter as she HAD halitosis was very noticeable. I'd never heard of tonsil stones before, as I don't have tonsils, but she did and they were there. A few treatments with this and they were gone and so was her halitosis. I used it as well and it worked well for keeping my breath fresh throughout the day. This will be on our regular shopping list from now on.

  • Amazon Customer - beware

    have been a user of card studio for many years. currently have 2013 deluxe. i called tech support and was on hold for 90 minutes and finally hung up. read manual with no help. i don't think i will purchase this software again.

  • Paula - Digestive Problems - Get this Book

    Explains in detail what is going on in the digestive/elimination system and why there are so many problems for us in that area. It is well documented, researched and written. The recipes and the information continues to guide my eating habits having a 'leaky gut'.

  • Carol A. Fraser - I liked April more when she was a Chatty Kathy goof-up

    Some of the story line is getting stale. Really sick of seeing April and Jackson fight about the same things. Their fights are not based on any type of reality I have ever witnessed (and I am 60!). I liked April more when she was a Chatty Kathy goof-up, and when Avery and Sloan were the Plastics Dream Team. They are just way too intense these days. ALL the characters are WAY too uptight. GEZZ! But then - I do miss the good ole days when everyone was mostly happy getting laid in the on-call room. But I will watch to the end now.