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  • Amazon Junkie - THANK YOU Mommy's Bliss!!!

    My 2 month old son hadn't pooped in two days and I could tell that he was really uncomfortable because of it. I gave him a dose of this (a little less than half of the recommended dose for 6-12 month olds) and he pooped within 2 hours. An hour or two later, he pooped again. I could tell he felt so much better. I am so thankful this works so well for my son. I can't stand seeing him in so much pain. Relief for both of us!

  • Angiras - Doesn't Hold Air

    Pumped it up the morning of our volleyball party and it didn't hold air We had to run out to our sporting goods store to get a replacement . Because I ordered the Wilson Cast Away ball with all of our other party games a month ago it is not eligible for return or replacement. Big bummer.

  • Saunders - First Time Customer

    I just started using the Breath Appeal product and so far it's okay. I'm into the second set of bottles now so I'll see how it goes from here. The taste is not bad. I have noticed that if you're using a regular toothpaste prior to using this product it leaves a slight chemical taste behind. I believe it's the activator with the toothpaste that doesn't go well together. So, since I noticed it, I use my electric toothbrush with plain water first then use the Breath Appeal and I get nice results. I use my toothpaste to brush at night for continued whitening of my teeth. I'm working with it and I'm sure I'll purchase more of it.

  • John Peterson - Happy With the Plantronics Voyager Legend

    Arrived quickly and performs well. Most comfortable bluetooth earpiece I've found. Controls are placed well should I choose to use them, but most often I will use voice command. Retains a charge for quite a while. My last Plantronics would continue to say 7 hours of use left and then all of a sudden go dead. Haven't got this unit to that point yet. I purchased the recharging case and use that to store the unit, thereby keeping it consistently charged. I enjoy the fact that it knows when it's being worn and will turn itself off when you take it off your ear. By far, this earpiece is much cheaper than a "using a cellphone while driving ticket".

  • Jonathan Peara - The sample does a good job of displaying the product.

    The sample does a good job of displaying the product. It is a very fine screen that should prevent anything but water from entering the gutter. The sample does not demonstrate how an installer would connect individual pieces of the mesh together. I would have appreciated pricing information.

  • Amazon Customer - No Mice No Mice No Mice

    Love this stuff for protecting our 5th wheel camper from mice during storage. We are parked near a grain elevator. We've used two winters with no problems. I leave one in the underbelly all year long. There is a smell that comes along with these fresh cab pouches that probably isn't considered "fresh" by some. It doesn't bother me at all. I'd take it over mice any day!

  • Abigail - Horrible Customer Service

    This is the worst customer service I have ever received. I really like the product but the employees are rude and very unhelpful. I have called at least 3 times to cancel and sent numerous e-mails. On my last phone conversation I was hung up on. They don't want to hear anything you have to say. I work for a Fortune 500 company training Customer Service. If any of our employees spoke to our customers the way they do they would no longer be employed.