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Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada - The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada is the national association that represents the community pharmacy industry in Canada. The retail members of The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada are traditional chain and banner drug stores, grocery chains and mass merchandisers with pharmacies. Together, The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada members operate 6,200 pharmacies that dispense 70 per cent of the nation's prescriptions each year. The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada associate members include product and service suppliers to the drug store industry, including manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter remedies and medical devices, health and beauty aids, consumer packaged goods and general merchandise, wholesalers and distributors, media, marketing and research companies, among others.

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  • Gustavo - GIS technology for everyone

    I have worked with Caliper products for 10 years as a transportation/urban planner and they have always fulfilled my needs. Maptitude/TransCAD software are easy to use, organized and robust: able to cope with large datasets without any problems. The user interface is very clear and easy to understand. The exchange of data and databases across several formats is also very simple and functional. The two-way direct link with Google Earth makes my projects look really interesting. I have adopted Maptitude in my GIS classes and it has been a great success with the students. They get excited in learning the geoprocessing techniques with such a technology that Maptitude provides.

  • Merlin - Not worth it, buy Aussie instead.

    Just like the Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner of this same line, it's not worth the money. Also, I didn't receive the "bonus" as advertised. I just got the spray in conditioner. I threw it out with the garbage this morning. I wanted to try something different other than my usual Aussie 3 minute miracle leave in conditioner, but I'll be going back to that. I have fine hair, and this spray made my hair weighed down and staticky at the same time. Such a strange combination. No thanks. (I do steer you toward buying the Aussie 3 minute miracle spray, but be aware they changed their formula recently. Aloe is farther down on the ingredient list, but it still works way better than this stuff.)

  • Travelbug1 - Hair thinning out? Get this product if it is due to hair breakage, it does the trick!

    I noticed my hair thinning out and I was not to happy about it. I realized it was breaking/splitting like I had just turned 90 overnight. I had already heard good things about Mane 'n Tail so I gave it a shot. About halfway through the bottle I noticed a significant change in the texture and thickness of my hair.

  • Bill R. - At first I thought it was wonderful. Now

    At first I thought it was wonderful. Now, after several uses over the weeks I must tell you, never use this product. Our expensive refinished oak flooring now has a dull coating on the bathroom and kitchen area. I've used ammonia to try and get the waxy buildup off. Now I'll do what needs to be done and hire a professional to fix those areas. I'm not sure what happened to this product but this large refill size is not the same quality as the small spray bottle.

  • L√≥pez - Lovely smell and immediately strengthens hair! I noticed that ...

    Lovely smell and immediately strengthens hair! I noticed that I can style my hair with less breakage now. I spray this on my hair daily before bed

  • PeterMack - Fun and Informative

    My wife gave me Suzanne White's 2016 New Astrology Horoscopes as I left for the airport to catch my plane to New York. "You will like it and you will learn something", she said. She gave me goodbye kiss and I was on my way. Well the next six hours found me engrossed. Not only did Suzanne keep me chuckling to myself to the point that my seatmate finally asked what I was reading but her New Astrology, with 144 distinct signs, pinpoints the individual with a focus that dividing up everyone into twelve categories simply can't do. The last book of Suzanne's to grace my Kindle, which was a lot easier to manage than the hardcover version my wife handed me, was 2014 Wood Horse Year. So I missed 2015 but you can bet that I won't miss 2017. One other thing, my seatmate looked up her website. She has quite a life beyond her relationship with the stars. Check it out.