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    City: 19.9802 Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland

  • Deborah - Preferably for the scalp only

    It burned at first the scalp,but gradually using it, there was no burning. I used it mainly in my scalp because it was very thick and i used it every morning in my scalp to keep the scalp moisturized and soft. It was used once on my hair but left the hair too clamped like vaseline so the hair was not bouncy but extremely clammy. It is well suited for the scalp only not for the hair. The content is orange and thick just like vaseline doesnt not really has a scent.


    I am a 20 year old female and this was absolutely the biggest disappointment for me. I always ate healthy and exercised daily before trying this product. I followed the guidelines step by step and gained weight and inches on this challenge. I felt terrible, my face severely broke out and waking up with a headache was the normal for me during these 24 days. This product is great for someone who never ate healthy before and doesn't know the true meaning of a "balanced diet". The vitamins are full of chemicals and caffeine and I couldn't pronounce half off the ingredients in any of the products. I really do not recommend this product to anyone who is healthy and wants to just lose a few pounds. Get a nutritionist and a personal trainer and live life the healthy way not the toxic way.

  • Aaron Patterson - The best car available at any price.

    I have almost 18k miles on my Model S and have loved driving every mile, no problems no need for service other than rotating tires.100mpg, super car acceleration, awd, autopilot, no fumes, it tops up in my garage every night with almost 300 miles of range and a nationwide network of free fast chargers.

  • BLONDIE918 - Waste of money

    Item came fast; however, this product is useless. It did not remove lime or rust from any surfaces. I had to buy another product that worked better after trying this one. Waste of money.

  • Jason Heinz - Very good look and learn book

    Purchased as a gift for a curious 7 year old. He loves the book, and you can't beat the used price. Great for long trips

  • Brett - Fairly pleased

    Not as powerful as I thought it would be, but seems to shave fairly well. So far some people have pointed out that I've missed a few spots while shaving although I'm sure I passed the razor in that area. I might have to apply more pressure. You have to charge it for 8 hours to get 35 minutes of shaving power. That's also kind of a long time. However; some of the other electric razors are ridiculously expensive.