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  • EvilNCarnate - 2012 CBR250R

    This is what should have come on the bike from the factory. My wife loves it and I think it makes the bike look so much better. Has a few different options but I just went with the defaults as they are all what I would set up. Sequential turn signals, initial brake light flashes before going solid to get attention. This thing is great. Looks so much better without those ugly long lights sticking out from the sides. Easy to install, I've taken the bike apart a few times for my wife so I know how it comes apart, took me less than an hour to take it apart, remove the stock light and install this beauty.

  • Some Buyer of Things - One sweet piece of web-browsing candy

    Great: This update to the Toshiba Chromebook 2 fixes the only real weak point of the prior version: CPU performance. This one has a Celeron 3215U; 16,500 on the Octane benchmark, 40fps on WebGL cubes @ 1920x1080. Literally more than twice as fast as the last one - I finally got it to stutter after opening 5 simultaneous 1080p youtube videos.There is a Core i3 version for $100 more, but this new Celeron is so fast I have no idea what tasks on a chromebook would require more muscle.

  • Susan J. Elliott - This company is a nightmare

    I agree with a lot of the negative reviews on here. I received my product and there was no DVD or instruction booklet. I wrote them immediately and they said they were sending them right out and they never came. As my trial was coming to an end, I did find helpful videos on YouTube. I had no idea the thing caused such a mess. No matter how careful I am or how little makeup I put in the applicator, it still flies out and all over the place. AND IT STAINS. If you get it on your carpet, forget it. It ruined a brand new expensive towel. After I found it stained, I tried surrounding myself with old towels and I would still find little drops in places. The amount of mess it makes is not worth the makeup coverage (which is "okay" but definitely not worth the mess it makes). So I decided to return it. I couldn't find out how. I finally followed the directions from a dissatisfied customer and sent it back. They don't answer any of my phone calls or emails but have now started to call me CONSTANTLY to say my payment is due. This company is a nightmare.