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  • J. D. Waugh - Not up to previous versuions!

    Won't go full screen on Windows 8. Encore support of no help sending nonsense suggestions like how to check my processor speed on Windows XP; nothing about Windows 8; finally said they had no answer. It was a brand new computer with the newest AMD chip and 8MB RAM.

  • D. Blair - Well worth it.

    It's a big help having this book on hand during the long process of finding a college. I had earlier thought of borrowing it from the library, but it's key to have this book on hand at that critical moment when your son/daughter actually starts investigating themselves. For what it's worth we also have the Princeton guide, and find it helpful to have them both.

  • Johnny Fargo - Quantity over quality

    My friend Willard recommended this product yesterday after hearing about my dilemma; namely, the sausage fest that my new office was comprised of. The first thing that surprised me was that it was eligible for FREE SUPER SAVER SHIPPING. After all, we're talking hundreds to thousands of pounds in freight here, right? At $8.69 a unit, I really didn't understand how the profit margin could possibly offset the shipping costs. But Willard assured me that the math adds up somehow, and neither he nor I had time to go into it. Anyway, I received my Avery Durable View Binder, and, while it certainly delivered on it's promise of plus-volume, I can't say I was particularly impressed with the substance therein. Some were single mothers expecting entitlements, others taking issue with my requisite transvaginal ultrasounds. I spent half the afternoon arguing with the women over such absurdities as equal pay and access to contraception through their healthcare plans (my business is listed as a "faith-based non-profit" so I can get 501(3)(c) tax exempt status, so, uh, no!), and by the time 5 o' clock rolls around, no dinner. Nothing. The oven wasn't even preheating. Ugh!

  • Jmihalo - Very easy to renew subscription!

    I already had McAfee 2012 on my computer so all I had to do was sign in on my account and enter the new keycode. Took only a few minutes and cost much less than McAfee was offering.

  • Just A Buyer - 2013 Honda Accord Sedan Black Weathertech Floor Liner (Full Set)

    I bought these for a 2014 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan and they fit it and the 2013. I don't think you can find better floor mats, use them in a 2013 Kia Optima also (ones made for it) and really like them. Fit perfect in both vehicles, look good, easy to clean, hold water, mud and snow well so no carpet damage (due to the high lip on the sides). Best I've ever used. I ordered mine from Weather Tech and should have ordered them from here since I would have saved a little on shipping and a lot on TAXES.

  • milly - Little gun, Big power

    I purchased this gun for a family reunion nerf war. When other people had the turbo machine guns, I had two of these bad boys.