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MyCareTeam - MCT-Diabetes, developed by MyCareTeam, is a diabetes monitoring tool that improves the health and wellness in people with diabetes and reduces overall healthcare costs. MCT-Diabetes is available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis

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  • April - It works !!

    It works !!!! I applied it 3 hours before I took the test and passed. Also tried the macujo method every day 3 days before. Hope this helps!

  • REH62 - One star because I cannot give it ZERO

    I cannot believe anybody in their right mind is still buying this book. Collins' analysis was flawed from the outset when it was published in 2001 and 11 years later it has proven to be a failure. Four of his so called "GREAT" companies are Fannie Mae (mortgage scandal), Circuit City (declared bankruptcy), Wells Fargo ($25B bailout) and Gillette (bought by Proctor & Gamble). See a pattern? Great, huh?

  • Sherri C - Perfect thickness for basic yoga + pilates

    Because I do pilates in addition to yoga, I wanted a mat that was slightly thicker than the standard 3mm. A friend recommended Gaiam, so I just ordered this one without looking too much into it.

  • Allen - Best bike for the money (18 yr old male)

    The 2015 HASA R4 Road Bike is one of the best bikes you can purchase at this price. This bike is equipped with tons of Shimano parts which are known to be the best bike parts. The aluminum frame is lightweight and has a lifetime guarantee on it. This bike is easy to assemble. Just look at youtube videos to learn how to do the cables. It was easy for me and I'm not even a bike expert. Fastest I driven on a flat with this bike was 30mph in a tailwind. Brakes work very well. Good bike for the money. I am also 5'7 with a 30'' inseam and 52'' fits me very well.

  • Looking for a deal - It's not skin!

    People I also bought in the mall from a girl who wouldn't take no for an answer this is ALWAYS a warning sign. I almost finished the jar of the facial peel when I decided to do a test I rubbed the material between rubber gloves and it magically turned to "skin