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  • E. M. Hunt - Topical, entertaining

    Robson writes with glee about the conspiracy cabal fueling Trump's rise to power. Even handed and generous, his essay will also leave your fears of a Trumpian future fully energized.

  • Swhyi AmIsoetired - Works

    Put it in with the coolant has gotten close to overheating but hasn't yet. Hopefully it can last another 10,000 miles.

  • Amazon Customer - I can feel the burn!

    Booty Belt is amazing! It's comfortable and easy to use! Plus I can really feel the burn! GREAT WORKOUT!

  • Greg Hastings - Scariest Harvest Party will forever haunt school.

    I brought two bags of these to my son's school for their Harvest party because of the new sugar free and healthy eating initiatives. All appeared well. The kids were thrilled to have something that wasn't carrot sticks or clementine pumpkins. Within a few minutes the munchkins had polished off the first bag and were tearing into the second.

  • Julie - Well it has been 4 days now and they are happy and no one has been lost since I got ...

    I tried this for the first time .. I had been using TOP ammonia decreaser with no luck, the leaves got higher and higher .. So someone told me to try this . Decided to try this, put 1 cap full for my 50 gallon tank. I came back in a hour to test and see if they had gone down. I freaked out when I saw now they where off the chart .. Went and looked to see if they where still breathing hard and to my surprise they where now eating and swimming not sitting on the floor stressing out. Well it has been 4 days now and they are happy and no one has been lost since I got this . Your test kit will not work on this . But trust me it works better then you could imagine .. This was bought for saltwater fish ... God This is the bomb only do one cap full a day for a 50 gallon tank .. It makes all the bad stuff that kills fish in QT, back to good leaves . you wont be sorry if you get this stuff..

  • Dawn K. - Vitchelo, You've Done It Again!

    I purchased this light at a reduced price for an honest review. This is such a well thought out product, full of features that benefit anyone. The flashlight and lantern are really bright. USB charging capability, charge indicator lights, ability to charge other devices, magnetic side, flip up hangers, size of a soup can, comfortable for smaller hands (not a Donald Trump joke, I promise). A super all around flashlight lantern. Vitchelo, I LOVE your products!! Your design department rocks! The only problem I have is hiding this and my Vitchelo head lamp from my husband.

  • Airake - Don't bother

    Unfortunately, EA Games wasn't prepared to launch this game but they decided to anyhow. I've tried now and I'm not even able to start a city. From the first look at things they've taken away a lot of the fun things of the past - the ability to transform the landscape, the various densities of zoning, the ability to make large cities. The cities themselves make no sense and you'll find very small cities with 4, 5, and 10 story buildings when their population wouldn't support that. Everything looks car-centric and transit has taken a back burner. In all honesty, unless this game is fixed with some major changes I probably won't even play when EA fixes their servers because it looks so boring and is so regimented. It's taking all of the creativity out of the game.