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Mundo em Foco - Mundo em Foco é um grupo formado por jovens, engajados com questões sociais que envolvem a comunidade.

Country:, North America, US

City: -122.3422 Washington, United States

  • D Taylor - Great to charge AA's when off the grid

    This solar charger works great as a way to charge my AA batteries when away from home. Now I can recharge my AA's and even AAA's when on the trail. There are loops you can strap to your backpack while hiking if you need every minute of sun to keep your batteries topped off. To charge AAA's you'll need to buy a small adapter that snaps into the Guide 10 Plus. The required adapter is now packed with all Goal Zero AAA's. There are combo packs available that include the Nomad 7, Guide10Plus, 4-AA's, AAA adapter, 4-AAA's and a Luna light as bonus features.

  • Adam LaBenne - Great for personal use at home or on the go

    I got this towel for my wife and she LOVES it. I accidentally ruined her old towel she loved and felt bad so I got her this one.

  • Darleen Fulgham - Toilet tree callus remover

    Loved it never had anything make my feet feel so good and soft . They are ready for summer and flip flops . Husband used it for calluses on his hands and they haven't felt that good in years.

  • barbara sicuranza - not authentic

    Not young living Theives oil, seems to be a false label. I am familiar with this oil, this is not the product it claims to be.

  • Hailey T - Decent quick read.

    It's a very predictable if inconsistent story. The writing isn't terrible but the author uses the same words and phrases repeatedly, and there is little to no character development. Max and Lola Grace's relationship goes from 0 to 100 unrealistically. Let's also not talk about how stereotypical and, honestly, kind of annoying Lola is. Perfect "tiny" body, magically naturally huge breasts despite this fact, beautiful long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes...straight out of Hitler's wet dreams. There also seems to be a few ideas the author just didn't explore, or forgot to elaborate on, such as Max's fascination with BDSM which is briefly mentioned only at the end but is written like its a huge point in the plot. The "villains" of the story were so callous and cold and detached that they felt more unrealistic than anything, as I couldn't find myself even hating them since it was so ridiculous. Overall if you want an easy read with some mildly entertaining smut, this book is for you. I typically find myself craving more than just random sex followed by magical, irrevocable love, though. Sex can be both steamy and realistic, both of which this author kind of missed the mark on unfortunately.