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  • Cmomma - Needs dual POV

    Believe definitely wasn't my favorite book. I didn't DNF it, because I did enjoy the story and the author's style of writing kept me interested. However, I really felt like this book could've been shortened by a third or more. How many times can Boots run away from Mark for whatever misguided reason and then have Mark take her back? There definitely should've been a "3 strikes you're out" rule for them. Some of the plot lines felt a little like high school excuses for forgetting homework - her phone was turned off and that's when she missed his texts?? It just seemed like too much variation of the same story.

  • brent - slide show feature

    when checking out my selfies on the slideshow feature, i can now honestly say i have a 4 and a half foot penis

  • Discriminating Buyer - NOF 2015 is no better!

    This is for NetObjects Fusion 2015 - avoid at all costs. I bought the upgrade and installed the program on a Windows 7 machine but it won't even open! Task Manager shows it as running and hogging up resources but the actual program windows never opens. I did everything suggested by various users on the support forum and no help. I wrote tech support, but that's a hopeless cause, as one reviewer noted, you get written asking another question, and because I replied with another e-mail address I got sent a message that they weren't sure if it was from me and I must log in and update my e-mail. I tried to get a refund and they said that because I was sent a product id I can't get one! I first started using NOF 16 years ago, but never will again.

  • Carla - Useless agains black / rat snakes

    Used this to repel a black snake that insisted on hanging around my front door and slipping into a gap behind my front stoop. Useless. I watched the snake slither right through the stuff on several occasions. Turns out that moth balls from the dollar store works better !

  • Autodidact - Cool, interested to see more when it ships

    Looks really interesting, I like that you can attach the camera of your choice but $1500 seams a bit steep, hopefully they can bring the price down quickly. There is another device that is very similar, it has the camera built in and is a bit less costly the Lily

  • kwiklip - Good Machine for the Price

    I just got this machine, which is my first new machine, even though I have been sewing for 20+ years. I inheirited an ancient Montgomery Ward single-stitch machine that worked its way down through my family. There was a mishap with it being dropped and I didn't repair it, because I was just over it. I finally treated myself to this machine, and I am glad I did. It is fairly basic, but that makes it easy to understand. As a novice, I don't need many complicated functions, just a machine that works well and is heavy-duty enough to handle some beginning quilting. I am on my 3rd project (did 2 throw pillows and now making a baby quilt) and so far, I love it. I am not noticing the problems I have been reading about in other reviews. The hassle with threading, which was touched upon twice that I saw, isn't really that hard. It is clearly illustrated in the book and just takes some getting used to. I do know that the needle doesn't become unthreaded easily like on my old machine, probably because it is held in place more securely. I have played with the various stitches and with the buttonholer, and I am satisfied with it. Inserting and threading the bobbin is a breeze, and the bobbin cover is clear plastic, so you can easily see when you are getting low on thread. It has handled multi-layers okay, but did struggle with the rubber-backed terry cloth pillow case I altered. It got hung up on the rubber and puckered a bit. I have since ordered a walking foot from eBay, which will take care of that problem in the future.