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MIR-Methode: Mentale en Intuïtieve Reset | Officiële Website - De MIR-Methode is een Zelfhelingsmethode en is bedoeld voor mensen met emotionele en lichamelijke klachten die daar graag zelf wat aan willen doen.

  • http://www.mirmethode.nl/video/ Instructievideo | MIR-Methode - Bekijk de MIR-Methode instructievideo om te leren hoe de MIR-Methode werkt. Je leert wat de 9 stappen inhouden en wanneer je het kunt gebruiken.
  • http://www.mirmethode.nl/cursussen/ Cursussen en Lezingen - MIR-Methode - Cursussen en lezingen om de diepgang en extra toepassingen van de MIR-Methode uit te leggen.
  • http://www.mirmethode.nl/cursussen/coachen-met-de-mir-methode/ Cursus 'Coachen met de MIR-Methode' - MIR-Methode - Ben je coach en wil je de MIR-Methode professioneel inzetten in je werk? Dan is deze 2-daagse cursus een idee. Mireille Mettes geeft uitleg en werkvormen over de MIR-Methode die je meteen in je coachpraktijk kunt inzetten.
  • http://www.mirmethode.nl/nieuws/ Artikelen - Artikelen over gezondheidsklachten en wat je eraan kan doen met de MIR-Methode.
  • http://www.mirmethode.nl/begeleiding/ Begeleiding | MIR-Methode op Maat laten maken - Wil je sneller resultaat met de MIR-Methode? Vraag dan een consult aan bij een MIR-Methode begeleider. Dat kan bij haar thuis, of via telefoon/Skype.
  • http://www.mirmethode.nl/contact/ Contact - MIR-Methode - Voor contact met de organisatie van de MIR-Methode kun je onderstaand contactformulier gebruiken.
  • http://www.mirmethode.nl/contact/mir-methode-nieuwsbrief/ Meld je aan voor de MIR-Methode Nieuwsbrief - Meld je aan voor de Nieuwsbrief en download (PDF) GRATIS de eerste 3 hoofdstukken van het MIR-Methode Handboek.
  • http://www.mirmethode.nl/over-mireille-mettes/ Over Mireille Mettes - MIR-Methode - Mireille Mettes is de ontwikkelaar van de MIR-Methode. Samen met haar man draagt ze deze methode voor zelfheling uit. "Zelfheling voor iedereen", is hun missie.

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  • Jamie - Great cover

    Love this cover. Didn't want to buy a real expensive fiberglass cover that I couldn't take off and store easily. Came quicker that expected.

  • Mary A. Earhart - A Diet I Can Live With

    My daughter liked this book so I got the Kindle version. I needed something gluten free that reinforced the food combining rules I learned from Fit For Life by the Diamonds. I feel good when juice fasting or on raw fruits, vegetables nuts and seeds but have a hard time staying on those tracks. I wanted energy and weight loss; the BED diet delivers both and allows (eventually) some dairy (milk kefir) and some starches (red potatoes, quinoa and blue corn chips). I still get plenty of veggies, some cooked, some raw. Eggs and fish are okay too if you tolerate them. It's not a vegan/vegetarian diet. The heart of BED is probiotics and cultured foods that improve digestion. The lack of sugar (even sweet fruit) on the diet is the only tough thing to stick to at first. Bottom line, I learned a lot, am using the recipes and meal plans, lost some weight and feel better. Everyone interested in nutrition and health should read this book.

  • finyin - Made in USA and to pharmaceutical Manufactured to Strict GMP standards

    Have used the product for several days; am not fixated on the scale but can notice less mass around my waist already. Got a hug from a good friend at work who just retired and even they noticed the change.

  • Sandy Levy - There is no doubt that Kaspersky makes the best anti-virus and Internet security software available

    I've been using Kaspersky Internet Security for about 6-7 years now. There is no doubt that Kaspersky makes the best anti-virus and Internet security software available. For the first couple of years I purchased at stores such as Best Buy. Then I discovered that Amazon has the same identical software for about 1/2 the cost found in regular retails stores. Do your own research about Internet security software, and you too will choose Kaspersky. And if you do your research online about pricing, you will purchase Kaspersky at Amazon.

  • Randy Mayes - ... of their ads) and H&R Block is just as good..

    I used Turbo Tax for years ( quit using it because I was offended by one of their ads) and H&R Block is just as good... and a better price. Plus it imported my stuff from Turbo Tax to H&R 's program.

  • Gregory H. Schultz - Gold Bond Ultimate Healing - Outstanding!

    Great lotion at an outstanding value. I prefer it over any and all lotions I have used in the past, and that includes a great many names of both popular and "healing" varieties. It is not unscented, but has a subtle and pleasing aroma, is thicker than many lotions but seems to be absorbed more effectively by the skin. I have used everything from home-remedy to high-end boutique products and find this suits me better than any of them. I highly recommend this Gold Bond Healing Skin Therapy Lotion for both general purpose and problem skin areas.

  • Wish I Had a Pineapple - Great Machine, Works Well, Really Affordable

    This machine is exactly what I wanted! While it's marketed as a no-frills, heavy duty machine, the fact that it can still do lots of different things is a great. It reminds me of the old Singers...mechanical wonders meant to last. It sews beautifully, is very straightforward to learn, and is much quieter than I thought a machine could be. I looked at lots of machines, much more expensive than this one, and they all had such mixed reviews I couldn't make a decision. Then this one popped up in my feed and I checked it out on several different sites...all good reviews. Because of the price, I decided to take a chance, and I'm very glad I did. This has been a great machine, and I couldn't be happier.