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  • M.W, - Masque turned liquid

    After reading many reviews we decided to give this ointment a try. My 15 year old son has been struggling with mild/moderate acne since he was 12. Not wanting to try the harsh prescription medications that many dermatologists had to offer we decided to order this masque. To be honest after 5 days of use I really noticed a difference in his skin.The directions were easy to follow and we did the morning and night time regime per the directions. However, what made me return the masque for a refund was the fact that after just a short time of using it the ointment in the tube became very liquid. When I would go to apply a the masque to his face their was approximately 1cc or better of light brown liquid that came out first. The tube is a thin metal so trying to mix it or squish it around was impossible. I really wanted to continue to use this product because I really think it was helping, but it is expensive not to get the full benefit of the ingredients. I would be interested to hear from others if they have noticed the same thing. I was thinking about reordering the masque but did not want to go through the hassle if this happens often.

  • Laura D. - Buyer beware

    At least with this product I was able to find what seeds were in this mix, but I also bought the contractors mix. I fulled 2 small pots with my yards soil and sowed the seeds of each product into the pots, labled them, and waited. Four weeks later I had no grass from this mix growing at all! It certainly does nit give you the greenest lawn in town.

  • Retired - Forgot Prime; ammonia sudden death

    I have always used Prime. Today I changed about 50% water in my 20 gal tank, and forgot to add the Prime. I came home 4 hours later to more than half of my fish dead. Use it. Protect against ammonia. My tap water is perfect for all other measurements, and this has never happened, even with 100% water change, because I always use Prime.

  • Cliff Claven - Good quick read

    Got a little more of the story for Tracy and how she got to Homicide. She is a compelling character and I look forward to many more books

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing cleanse!!!

    I have to chime in here. I started the 30 day cleanse about 3 weeks ago. I can honestly affirm that these products work! I was weighing about 213 lbs when I began. I sit here writing this 3 weeks later and I am now weighing in at 198. That is 15 lbs in 21 days. This is not a fad diet. I needed to reprogram my brain to start eating the right foods and watch my portions. I have one week left in my 30 day cleanse. I did not need to lose a tremendous amount of weight. I'm a 46 year old male about 6 feet tall. My ideal weight is about 185, so I should hit that next month as I continue on with the maintenance phase of using this product. I am not a rep, nor do I have any affiliation with Isagenix. I heard about it from friends who swore about it. More importantly than the weight loss and inches lost (pants are all lose now), is how you feel. My energy level is through the roof and I am always in a upbeat, positive mood. I'll leave it there. Give it a shot. It's not hard and you will be a different person in no time!!!

  • Sarah Sentz - 5 SUNNY STARS

    A Place in the Sun is the quintessential R.S. Grey novel. There is humor, romance, and heart, so much heart that my own was full as I read this enticing journey of Georgie Archibald.

  • kbm0078 - Did nothing but give me awful acne

    I bought this product to use during the holidays, to help with stress and to use as a supplement to the diet and exercise program that I was already following. I took this product for approximately 2 weeks and it did nothing effective. The first few days I actually felt high, like I had taken drugs. Then I got headaches and then the acne came. I have had zero problems with my skin in the last 5 years after treatment by an esthetician for rosacea. Within a few days of taking this product, I started breaking out. Through process of elimination I realized it was likely the Relacore that my system did not like. While this product may work for others, it did not work for me at all. It has been three days since I stopped taking the Relacore and I am still having hives on my face and trying to get it out of my system to get my skin back to normal. There are times my skin feels so tight and itchy it is actually physically painful. I have never experienced anything like this, it is absolutely awful. I will probably have to do a detox to get it out of my system. This has been a valuable lesson for me. I will go back to following Live Right for Your Blood Type. Way better results on that and from now on I will not deviate.