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NeurOptimal Brain Training in San Francisco and El Cerrito| Mind Balance - Mind Balance offers NeurOptimal® neurofeedback services in the San Francisco Bay Area and El Cerrito. If you'd like to learn more about neurofeedback or set up a session in your home, at your office, for a corporate wellness program, or add it to your medical practice, please get in touch to learn more about how neurofeedback works and , whether it's right for you.

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  • SeattlePole - Not too shabby

    I was looking for a single ear bud for bike riding so I can still hear traffic. Based on the reviews and price I thought I'd give it a shot.

  • Mrs.DiPiero - Quick Results

    This Skederm Ultimate Eye Cream with Energizing Retinol and Antarcticine. I am familiar with retinol as it is in most eye creams, I'm not quite sure what Antarcticine does exactly. The texture is creamy and goes in smoothly. It also soaks in really quickly. I don't regularly have baggy eyes but every once in awhile, at least twice a week, I don't get enough sleep and you can see it in my face. I started applying it the night I got it and it has been a little over a week of applying it. I make sure I apply it every night but maybe only half the time do I get to put it on in the morning. The great part is though I don't really see the need for it because during the night it works its magic and despite not getting much sleep you really can't see it in my face / eyes. The skin under my eyes feels very smooth and soft. It caused no irritation around my eyes despite being applied extremely close to that area. I was lucky enough to receive this Skederm Ultimate Eye Cream at a discounted price in order to try it out and give some honest feedback after my own personal use. All in all I would have to say I am a fan, any product that shows me results in the first week of use it is a winner to me. Price wise it is a great deal in my opinion.

  • Jen174 - Glad I took the time to learn how to use Tyme

    I had this iron for about 2 months and initially I wanted to return it because I couldn't get my curls to look the same on both side. I felt like my right side always looked better than my left. There was definitely a learn curve. The trick is knowing how to twist the iron and not grabbing too much hair at a time. I grab about an inch and half of hair with each curl and usually it takes me less than 10 minutes to do my whole head. My hair is bra length. I spritz it with hair spray and the curls last till my next wash. I now love this iron and glad I didn't return it bc I was impatient.

  • Lauren Rossi - Highly recommend despite some annoying cons

    Highly recommend despite some annoying cons. We did lots of research before purchasing our stroller, and we feel that the value here makes up for the price.

  • UpInSmoke - Great Addition to the SRT

    Much needed mod to my 300SRT. Really wakes up the transmission the same way the Predator does for the engine. The bonus features are awesome, especially the line lock & steering wheel shifters. Easy mod to do as well, takes about 30 minutes to install

  • Alexandra G. - Brilliant! Thom Hartmann is in a league of his ...

    Brilliant! Thom Hartmann is in a league of his own. If you are a fan of Thom on radio or FSTV, you will appreciate the thoughtful

  • D. Hinds - Initial impression is positive.

    I recently purchased and installed this toner cartridge. Initial impressions are good, nice crisp print, no streaking, etc. I just hope that the longevity is there as I normally expect a toner cartridge to last about 2 yrs based on my usage. I'll try to post an update after a year with any new comments / opinions. But right now, I am satisfied.