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  • Beautiful Bling - GREAT HR HANDBOOK!!

    This is a good book w/ lots of forms that can be used in your workplace right away. This is a helpful handbook for any HR professional.

  • Emira - This is an excellent product, it is huge can fit a ton ...

    This is an excellent product, it is huge can fit a ton of cargo. We use it to transport supplies for a community puppet show and its great to fill up and throw on top of the car. I feel like it would be perfect for a PE class filled with balls and sporting equipment. The material is very thick and the zippers are good quality the only flaw I have seen is that the velcro straps around the product to secure in the zipper was sewed on incorrectly and doesn't align properly. A minor issue when everything else functions perfectly. I must say I was really surprised with the size for the price. I have seen bags 1/4th its size cost the same. Great product I was fortunate enough to try this product out for my honest review!

  • HardToPlease - Another EXCEPTIONAL knife from Gerber!

    What can you really say about a Gerber knife? They ALWAYS deliver a quality product and this is just another example of their exceptional craftsmanship and high quality products.

  • Richard R. Kenyon - Unusually well-written book on Access

    I rate this book as the best computer book I've seen in decades! I've been a programmer almost from day one and bought the initial MS Access software when it first appeared. I've used Access for some personal databases, some using VBA modules that I wrote, but there were many facets of Access that I never bothered to learn. (E.g., the use of forms in data entry or in updating). I'm reading this book cover to cover and it's filling in many details that I never learned. I find the order of presentation unusually well-planned and unusually thoroughly cross-referenced. So many programming books are padded with complex examples that take up so much space that the books fail to answer many questions that a reader might have. This book uses stripped-down examples that suffice in explaining without adding confusing extraneous details. I own copies of most of the books on Access 2010 (and earlier versions of Access) and I rate this book far and above any other book I've seen on the subject.

  • union carpenter - Its a don't buy

    Purchased this for my wife as she broke her old one.Within 3 months new one broke in half,quality is no longer there,must be made in China where Suzanne makes big profit but consumer beware its junk.

  • Karen SC - Used to love ACT! - Not any more.

    I have used this software for several years, and loved it. My computer was reformatted, and couldn't reinstall the older version. I purchased Sage ACT! Pro 2012, and I cannot get it installed on my Windows XP computer. The system locked up and I ended up having to unplug my computer and uninstall the program to be able to access anything. I went online to search for help, and discovered I'm not the only one having problems, and it appears that getting help from Sage is not going to be easy. I will come back and update my review if I am ever successful with the program.

  • George M. Bosela - Very Satisfied

    I had been looking for this product or an earlier version for quite some time. I'm happy with my decision to purchase this product.