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Praxair - Medigas, the home healthcare division of Praxair Canada Inc., is committed to helping people live better lives and supporting the medical professionals who make it all possible. Medigas has been providing physicians and their patients with home oxygen therapy, sleep therapy and home medical equipment. Medigas represents quality home healthcare.

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  • Tonyzany - This is a Total winner! Another great product from Hearthware!

    It's too bad it's not in stock and may not come back either, first off the price compared to the Nuwave infomercial site is incredible! The site prices are extremely deceiving! BOGO is not what it seems! The cookware you pay separate P and H that means processing and handling a new as seen on TV gimmick to over charge there customers a lot more than what should be S and P shipping and handling which is the cost for Fedx or UPS to ship an item. As far as the crapware they say is free by just paying a separate P and H is garbage cookware especially when you realize they want to charge you not only P and H but an extra charge well over $240.00 if you go for it! I bought the one Nuwave PIC here for $80.00 with free shipping! Then I bought on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000EMDXFI/ref=ox_ya_os_product T-Fal Elegance induction ready 18/10 stainless steel 10 piece aluminum incapsulated bottom covered by stainless steel (very important, must be magnetically coated like stainless steel to work) for induction technology! Compared to the extra cheap crap cookware from the infomercial with the ridiculous price I bought this absolutely beautiful true induction ready 10 piece lifetime warranty T-Fal Elegance set for $75.99 at Amazon with the link in this review without tax and free shipping with Amazon prime! By the way Walmart wants $89.99 with tax and shipping for the same set! Know let's talk warranty on the Nuwave PIC? Go to Squaretrade.com or if its available here on Amazon on some items and you can get a 3 year full warranty with accident protection for about $23.00, I paid only $16.09 with tax with a 30% off coupon they sent me for being a good customer! Squaretrade is the Best warranty company in the US period! I have most of my electronics like my IPad 2, iPod touch, LED Visio TV and many others including cell phones, and when a friend dropped my iPod touch and broke the screen, Squaretrade sent me a prepaid shipping container for free and fixed it like new and had it back in a week!

  • S. Rome - issues with Mavericks

    This (did) work very well for a number of years. HOWEVER, be aware that Mavericks and this, while compatible, is very buggy - you often times have to do things light highlighting twice or even three times. I am told by those who know that this is because Office for Mac should have been updated by now (a la 2014 version) but has not been

  • Chad M - After a rocky start, the Xbox One is my favorite console.

    Microsoft has come a long way since releasing this console in 2013. I bought this Day 1, and was not pleased with the poor software design and lack of interesting launch titles to go along with it.

  • Mister Cardholder - Only a 5-pack now?!?

    I was extremely disappointed to see that this product is only sold in a 5-pack now. This is simply unacceptable, as I and my 4 wives are all extremely fertile and I require at least the 15-pack. Thumbs down.

  • Katie - Gave my life a second wind & is helping to heal my adrenal glands

    Chock full of information about why stomach acid is good for you. It's true that the info on exactly how to home test for low stomach acid and how to gradually increase up to 5-7 HCL pills for each meal is lacking in this book. But for me, I really needed all this info in order to be motivated enough to commit to swallowing 5-7 pills/meal. Once I started using the HCL, though, the stellar results are enough motivation in and of themselves.

  • Amber - What period?

    I hate my period. Maybe more so than most. Ive been on extended cycle bc for 10 years just to avoid getting my period as often. I got a sample of these instead softcups on campus one year but never got the nerve to try them. Then I moved to a country with no bc, and I ran out. Now I am back to a normal cycle, and embarrassingly having accidents at work because of how heavy my flow is, and not finding time to change my tampon every 2-3 hours. I decided I was sick of running to the bathroom every few hours, hoping that my stash for the day didnt run out, so I decided to give softcups a try.