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Medicina 101 - Boli, Simptome si Tratamente - Site cu informatii si stiri din domeniul medical. Articole detaliate despre boli, tratamente si simptome.

  • http://www.medicina101.com/category/spitale/ Spitale - Informatii despre cele mai importante spitale din Romania: date de contact, cadre, localizare etc.
  • http://www.medicina101.com/solpadeine-prospect-pret-si-alte-indicatii-terapeutice/ Solpadeine - prospect, pret si alte indicatii terapeutice - Ce este Solpadeine? Este un medicament bazat pe paracetamol, codeina si cofeina, fiind destinat durerilor, simptomelor racelilor si virozelor.
  • http://www.medicina101.com/linex-forte-capsule-prospect-si-pret/ Linex Forte Capsule - prospect si pret - Linex Forte este un supliment sub forma de capsule cu bacterii lactice, menit sa regleze microflora bacteriana intestinala si eventualele probleme digestive.
  • http://www.medicina101.com/nitromint-26-mg-prospect-pret-si-indicatii-terapeutice/ Nitromint 2,6 mg - prospect, pret si indicatii terapeutice - Nitromint 2,6 mg este un medicament bazat pe nitroglicerina, cu efect vasodilatator, destinat bolnavilor de angina pectorala si celor cu probleme ale inimii.
  • http://www.medicina101.com/imbunatatirea-vietii-intime-esentiala-pentru-cuplu/ Imbunatatirea vietii intime, esentiala pentru cuplu - Despre nevoile fundamentale ale omului, despre viata de cuplu si despre cum pot fi ele imbunatatite substantantial cu suplimente nutritive.
  • http://www.medicina101.com/nifedipin-retard-20-mg-de-la-terapia-prospect-si-indicatii/ Nifedipin retard 20 mg de la Terapia - prospect si indicatii - Nifedipin este un medicament bazat pe nifedipina, care este un inhibtor al canalelor de calciu. Trateaza hipertensiunea usoara si angina pectorala stabila
  • http://www.medicina101.com/smecta-diosmectita-prospect-si-indicatii-terapeutice/ Smecta - diosmectita - prospect si indicatii terapeutice - Smecta este un medicament pe baza de diosmectita si este folosit pentru tratamentul simptomatic al diareei acute sau cronice, precum si a altor afectiuni.

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  • R. Jacobs - this Acer monitor has a sharp screen and is the perfect size for a smaller desk where you want a ...

    Very light and simple to set up, this Acer monitor has a sharp screen and is the perfect size for a smaller desk where you want a bright, large screen, but not too overwhelming. It's quite thin, with good response times and no flicker. Picture quality is overall very sharp and impressive. For the price, it's an excellent choice.

  • Jenn - Prime is the best

    Best water conditioner around, hands down. This product does what it promises, and is very economical - depending on tank size, it can be dosed in drops or by the cap. The Seachem brand has wonderful customer service. If you go to the company web site, you can email any questions about their products and they actually email you back an answer within 24 hours or so.

  • hackkerone - Outstanding Amazon Value

    Reviewing something like an Anti-Virus, Internet Security, Kaspersky vs: Norton's, etc., is Very Subjective at best. I like the apparent Comprehensive nature of the content of the Kaspersky offering. I especially like the "Virtual Keyboard" where your KB strokes are captured and encrypted before an intruder such as a "Key Logger" can intercept it thereby protecting what you are typing in. Now, in the 2013 edition, they have made it much, much easier to use. They have automated its use relieving you of making sure you incorporate its use correctly, or, it doesn't allow you to forget its proper use as it does it for you automatically... bravo... OH... did I mention that NO ONE I COULD FIND COULD COME CLOSE TO THE AMAZON PRICE? COSTCO cannot even come close. I came back to Amazon a second time because of the great value I received last year and assuming Kaspersky continues to be a leader in the Security market, I'll be back again next year... HEY KASPERSKY, we now need TABLET protection???

  • cokoamojo - Great for the price

    Inexpensive way to collect these quarters. Make sure it's lying flat on a hard surface and use "controlled pressure" to insert your coins.

  • Happy Camper - Too small!

    I was disappointed in the tiny size of the patches! I know it did not say "large" in the ad, but I expected a pain patch similar to those I buy in the store. Instead, it is about the size of an adhesive bandage you might use on scratch. On the plus side, the medication on the patch is excellent!

  • SDDC08 - Miracle worker mirror is truly amazing! My nephew loves it.

    Great set for a new mom and baby. The hooks that hold it in place are strong and sturdy. The mirror is large and offers hours of enjoyment for our nephew as he can look at himself and make faces. It is truly adorable. We looked at a few other options but so glad that we chose this one instead. It's perfect. Definitely recommend this mirror.

  • P. Nguyen - 99 Problems and # 2 is 1.

    I am pretty neurtral about this product. We have been using it for 2 weeks now as my little one has started eating solids. **TMI ALERT** She gets constipated as her little tummy is not quite developed, so she really strains while making a bowel movement. We started her on this as it's a natural product and Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water was GREAT, so we figured why not try. It didn't really improve much, if at all. Maybe I have to use it for a few more weeks and see, but so far baby girl is still grunting while doing the deed.