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  • Megan Starr - I'm new

    Wicca is something I have always felt was my religion but that wasn't not ok with my mom. Now that I can choose been looking more and more into and this book shows easy way to so some spells and a little history. I'm happy I have it now.

  • Rasmus Sjokvist Landén - Good, but choose the commented version by Lawrence Cunningham.

    Great and informative but I only gave this 3 stars since there's a commented version by Lawrence Cunningham which is much better.

  • Amazon Customer - NOT FOR ME...

    The first week it seemed to clear my mild acne. The second week my face itched like crazy! This product also irritated my neck. The third and final week of using this product my face broke out horribly. I havent seen my face that bad since high school. Iexpected such great things because of the positive reviews. I know it says to give it time but I couldn't take the itching, severe breakouts and oily moisturizer. I have oily skin and this moisturizer made my face super oily. I recently purchased a new product which caters to women of color. Hopefully this works because I've seen great reviews and it's made for African American skin. I'll still keep this product or maybe give it to my sister.

  • Super User - Got a good one!

    This works as advertised and better than expected! It charges my batteries in a about 2hrs. With my old chargers it would take about 8 to 12hrs for a full charge. I always thought that was too long. Come to find out with using this new charger that I had a group of batteries that were going bad. This thing is going to save me money by not overcharging and wasting time and energy.

  • Brian Gilhooly - Big, quality mouse pad for everyday tasks or video gaming

    This is a great mouse pad for desktop users or people with laptops mostly used on a desk. This is a very big mouse pad so it may not be for everyone. In addition to it being big, it is what I would describe as "floppy." It won't be very steady if you're trying to use it on a couch or another perfectly non-flat surface. That being said, I love this mouse pad and it fits my needs perfectly. I use my laptop almost exclusively on my desk (and when I'm not using it on the desk, I don't really need the mouse anyway) so this pad keeps its form well. I use it for everyday tasks as well as playing video games (for which it was designed).