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  • Jordan Weaver - It gave me white bumps/spots all over my legs and it itches like crazy! I definitely won't be using it anymore

    It broke me out. It gave me white bumps/spots all over my legs and it itches like crazy! I definitely won't be using it anymore!

  • josh eckloff - I recived this product and it was great a little bigger than i had thought but no ...

    I recived this product and it was great a little bigger than i had thought but no big deal. I use them alot during school and such. But one thing i havent owned these very long and one thing i noticed is that the multi function button doesnt always work for me. I use it mostly for music and sometimes it refuses to either start or stop the music. I would give this product a full five stars if it wasnt for that small problem and the fact that i was really confused for the ear hooks and where they hooked on teh ear piece at first.

  • V. Scott - Changed skin for the worse

    I think this only works for certain skin types. I'm 57 and use retinol at night and wanted a good daily moisturizer for day time. This wasn't it! Like a handful of other reviewers, it dried me out, created red patchiness, and an overall aging appearance that wasn't what I was going for at all. I think I probably have normal skin so maybe this is better for someone who has oily. That's just a guess on my part, but I'm avoiding from here on out.

  • Kirk Burleson - Didn't Last Long

    At the 10 month mark it started taking pictures on it's own. It just starts snapping pictures with the loud shutter sound. It's very embarrassing when out in public. It was a very good phone before that except for the usual Android slow down after adding apps. I never had an iphone that slowed down; maybe I'll go back.

  • RICK - Poor customer service

    Poor quality for the price, the floor posts do not line up on the 2013 Chevy equinox, it was off by 1/4 of an inch. Furthermore, poor customer service, offered to keep the mats at a discounted price, but they will not offer discounts. Very disappointed, I thought these were the best mats out there, guess I was wrong.

  • JustLisa2U - Bigger Really Is Better

    I love, love, LOVE this Crockpot! My previous Crockpot was a 5 qt and it was round, which made it difficult to slow cook a rack of ribs in. They just never quite fit properly. With this bigger oval shape, I can easily fit two racks in without having to cut them down. The best thing about this particular Crockpot to me has to be the color of the crock. My old crock was white and was all scratched inside from utensils and marks from burnt-on foods were difficult to get off. The black of this crock is awesome in that I can't see any of that. :) My only concern with the unit I received is that it wasn't in the original box so I was afraid it was used or reconditioned. I still don't know for sure but it appeared to be brand new and it's working fine so far so I'm a happy camper.

  • Angela Borden - Surprised at the pain relief so far

    I have very very bad pain in my shoulders arms and collarbones almost on a daily basis. My husband has disk degenerative disease. So we both suffer from pain issues. I saw this on Amazon, and after reading thought I might give it a try. It shipped really fast and also arrived very quickly. Thankfully it came in today on an extremely bad pain day for me. I had taken ibuprofen with no relief at all. I decided to try using this on the arm that hurts, I figured that it could not hurt. Open opening the first thing that hit me was the smell of mint and a lemony scent. I no that spearmint is good for a localized pain reliever. Lemon grass oil has been known to be great for arthritis and muscular pain when applied to the painful area. So I already was happy with that. After reading the ingredients on the side I saw menthol which is a good pain remedy, and also chamomile, sandalwood, and juniper which are all great for pain relief. So I applied some, not a lot mind you, to the pained area and I was having relief in minutes. It did not stop completely, but there was a big difference in the margin of pain. I wad actually able to enjoy my evening with my kids and not be crippled by my pain and have to pop ibuprofen constantly. I will continue to use this and will update after a more prolonged use and update on my experience. I received this Hot cream by baebody in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.