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  • PAULETTA HORN - I have to say I am very pleased with Q26 Mini Invisible Inear Wireless bluetooth ear piece

    I have to say I am very pleased with Q26 Mini Invisible Inear Wireless bluetooth ear piece. Instructions were easy to follow and set up. The sound is really good and the people I spoke with said they couldn't tell any difference from me actually speaking thru the phone. While listening to music it was perfectly loud and clear. It just takes getting use to sitting on the ear, I wish it fit a little more snug where I could actually tell it is there, but I guess that is the point to not be able to tell you are wearing it.It paired with my iPhone 6 quickly and is very simple in the way of using it. The phone I used this with is an iPhone 6. All in all, I am very pleased with it as my first bluetooth headset. I received this product at a discounted price in return for an honest review.

  • H. Goulette - Excellent Suction, Easy to Use!

    I bought this vacuum after reading all the reviews. I was going to buy a Dyson, but the cost sent me shopping elsewhere. The vacuum arrived and was easy to put together with just a few clicks, no tools required. This vacuum works magic on pet hair. We have a long haired cat that sheds all over the place. This vacuum is able to suck up all the hair. The attachements also work great for the car, boat, and RV. I would highly recommend this product. We also recieved a free steam mop with our order.

  • James D'Aries - Perfect Way To Add To Your Skills

    If you think you know how to use Excel than you're exactly the person that needs this training video. I use Excel at work for Construction Estimating. I thought a had a handle on all the features - I wasn't even close. Trust me, buy the Training Video. You'll be happy that you did.