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Quality Medical Devices and Disposable Kits - LSL HEALTHCARE, INC. - LSL Healthcare stands for quality and dependable service . We offer a wide variety of hospital supplies, medical devices and disposable kits.

  • http://www.lslhealthcare.com/about-lsl-healthcare-inc/ About LSL Healthcare, Inc. - LSL HEALTHCARE, INC. - Manufacturer of Quality Medical Devices & Disposable Kits. LSL Healthcare, Inc., has stood for quality, service and dependability.
  • http://www.lslhealthcare.com/catalog/ Medical Device and Kits Catalog - LSL HEALTHCARE, INC. - LSL Healthcare, Inc. as your supplier, we earn your business by servicing you with high quality products, on-time delivery, efficient customer service and attention to every aspect of your needs.
  • http://www.lslhealthcare.com/admissions-products/ Admissions Products - LSL HEALTHCARE, INC. - Our Admission Products are designed for superior performance knowing you depend on them to perform.
  • http://www.lslhealthcare.com/maternity-and-baby-care/ Maternity & Baby Care - LSL HEALTHCARE, INC. - LSL offers a standard line of non-sterile maternity products and kits which stay ahead of the problems before they occur.
  • http://www.lslhealthcare.com/medical-kits-trays/ Medical Kits & Trays - LSL HEALTHCARE, INC. - LSL can design a custom kit to meet your hospital’s unique needs or protocol. LSL strives to bring customers predictability, cost effectiveness, & quality.
  • http://www.lslhealthcare.com/custom-kit-forms/ Custom Kit Forms - LSL HEALTHCARE, INC. - LSL has been designing custom kits for nearly 30 years. LSL Healthcare, Inc. strives to bring customers predictability, cost effectiveness, quality and innovation.

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  • Raymond waite - Best revenge candy ever!!

    I know that deep down what I did was wrong and I pray for forgiveness every day. So let me begin by saying that I am the only female in an office full 12 male chauvinistic pigs. I am one to cook dishes for everyone at lunch or bring in cookies or cupcakes if the mood strikes. But when I bring in my own lunch and label it with my name it always goes missing. Never fails. So awhile back I heard about the Haribo gummies from hell. I decided to whip up a batch of gummy bear chocolate chip cookies. You make them like normal chocolate chip cookies just add the gummies with the chocolate chips because they melt down when you bake them. So I made a few dozen and brought them in and set them on the break room table open to all who want a delightful cookie in between phone calls. Mind you there is only one stall in the men's room and 12 to 15 men I work with. Lets just say POO-acolypse happened at the office. I just sat back and watched the show unfolding in front of me. Best day of work in my life. Now I just keep a mini fridge in my office for my lunch or soda.

  • Excavatomg Woman - Sealing grain based foods will preserve for longer

    The basic quality of bags is fairly good. The little blue zip device is kind of useless so don’t be upset when it comes off. They are easy enough to seal by hand. Just as an experiment I decided to seal a yarn afghan. The pump pulls all the air out easily enough and sealing back the port is done without any air going back in. My problem is that the very first bag slowly lost its vacuum in a few hours. I did the process again and the same results happened overnight. Maybe it’s because I had pulled it into a rock hard lump. The other bags held up fine, but I didn’t pull quite as hard of a vacuum.

  • Andy & Katie W. - Fun and educational first watch for kids!

    My daughter's favorite features are the animated clock faces, the fitness counter that records your footsteps, and the counter to record number of jumps. The built-in photo and video camera, photo frames, voice recorder, alarm, timer, calculator, and calendar make it the perfect accessory for kids who are already intrigued by technology.

  • Subzy - Great formula, just a bit pricey!

    This worked out great for my baby. It's easy to digest and mild on her system. No fussiness, gas etc. It must taste good coz my baby preferred it over breast milk... If you want a great formula but are willing to pay a lil more, this is a great choice!

  • marcia wells - Works for 2016 GMC terrain

    It fits perfectly in my 2016 Gmc terrain. My hubby installed it in 1 min. Very easy and looks great

  • Julie L - Perfect replacement for my mini van

    Perfect replacement for my mini van. Also, the price was right for the teenage driver who had to replace it!

  • melray65 - Good product. Made well and easy to clean

    Good product. Made well and easy to clean. Makeup goes on light and does a good job at coverage. I don't use it daily but usually just once a week when I have time. I'm not fast at applying the makeup or cleaning the the airbrush so I do not use this for a quick makeup session. Took me several tries to get the distance from my face. The makeup it comes with is just OKAY. I haven't tried any other brands but one of my makeup container lids will not close due to poor design. I plan to research and buy a different brand of makeup to use with this airbrush.