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  • http://www.longislandhypnosis.com/page30.html Long Island Hypnosis - Generalized anxiety disorder (DSM-III, 300.02) is characterized by pervasive, persistent anxiety, manifested by motor tension--strained facies, fidgeting, restlessness, fatigueability; autonomic hyper

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  • D. Edwards - Great concept, needs accuracy improvement

    I had high hopes for this blood glucometer. It’s a pain to manually enter data into Apple’s Health data app—weight, blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose level, it can all get to be too much of a bother. The iHealth meter promised to automate part of the process, and very inexpensively. Unfortunately, the results are more like a scatter graph than a measure of blood glucose. Tests taken repeatedly can vary by +/- 20 points. I read in one of these Amazon reviews that changing out the battery with a name brand could make an improvement, but it didn’t. With this much variability, there’s just no point in using the meter.

  • Lin Hwang - Comfortable

    I bought these shoes in preparation for a two week trip to Japan. I wear a Men's US Size 8, and Nike is pretty good about shoe sizing so I had no problems with the fit. The first day of wearing it, the shoes felt a little stiff and tight around the top of the foot, but after you break them in it becomes very comfortable. There's a slight angle to the shoe when you look at it from the top, so the design looks a little lopsided when you look straight down at your feet. But no need to worry, because from everyone else's point of view the shoes look dope!

  • David - Was skeptical but thought I would give it a shot.....

    Well, I am shocked! This stuff is working for me. My hair had been falling out for about 6 months and I've lost probably 1/3 of the hair on my head. I had to keep cutting my hair shorter and shorter to hide how thin it was getting. (I'm female- using my husbands account) Had been to several doctors, blood tests etc to try and figure out what was going on. I'm in my thirties and have no baldness in my family....nobody could tell me why this was happening. So out of desperation I tried this stuff. Within 3 days the hair falling out was reduced!! Instead of pulling a wad of hair out of the drain and losing 50 to 75 hairs when washing - now I'm losing about 10 to 20 and instead of losing 50+ when coming through I'm losing about 25 (Yes I have been counting them!) It remains to be seen if it will help me regrow hair, but I've been taking Biotin for months now and have 1/2 inch hairs sprouting all over my head from taking that.