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Licks | The Pill-Free Solution to Pet Health - LICKS® Pill-Free® is an innovative new delivery system for high quality supplements. With a 98% absorption rate and all natural ingredients try LICKS today!

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    City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • Jenna - Product WORKS

    In Texas, we've seen a lot of rain which is unusual for this time of year and our house is located in close proximity to a creek. This tends to drive in water bugs and roaches in from the outside. We've seen a few large ones in our house around the doors, but were dead because a pest control company had "sprayed" the perimeter. We had a feeling we had a bigger problem but couldn't get the exterminator to use better product to treat. My husband has experience in pest control and would often recommend Bengal to customers who couldn't afford a professional treatment. Within minutes of him spraying, every single bug came out, including small ones. As disgusted as I was, I at least knew the area was free from pests, which is more than I could say from 5 separate visits from a pest control company. We even saw a few baby wasps in the windows that were driven out by this product, which was surprising to me! I would highly recommend this product and would recommend it to anyone for $9 before paying hundreds for pest control. I am not going to say it's a pleasant experience, because it isn't, but at least it works and it works incredibly well.

  • Gail Snyder - Connecting with any device is cool and hassle free

    Connectivity: Connecting with any device is cool and hassle free. Tried with all of my tablets and phones.

  • Jean Dudeck - Smart Security

    Kaspersky has been in the forefront of every new malware discovered. This program does a good job of protecting and has great tools also.

  • Victoria Thorne - HATE IT!!!!

    This product is aweful!!! Do not purchace it! It is a scam! It doesn't work and not worth your time and effort.

  • James T. - No pc dic code dont work

    No star I ask for the PC dic and all I got was a box with a code that doesn't work it was a waste of time and money

  • Amazon Customer - sounds like an old transistor radio

    I just purchased a Seiki 55' 11-16-2015.The sound on it, sounds like an old transistor radio. So now to get a decent quality sound I now have to either purchase a sound bar or a surround sound system. The sound quality SUCKS!!!!!