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  • Hunny Pot - J & S 3

    This book was so good. I didn't like how Juvie involved the women when he killed 2 characters other than that I was hooked!!!! I want more of Juvi & Solai. I want to know if their relationship is going to blossom even more. I want to know more about all the characters. I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't want it to be over!!!! I enjoyed the series and I love your books. By no way is this a negative review. I'm just being greedy LOL

  • LGAGS - My second Casper

    I bought a twin Casper for my daughter last year and 8 months later just bought a full for our spare room. We are very pleased with the quality and comfort. I consider this mattress to be medium firm. The 100 days of use with no questions asked makes it a no brainier. The affirm payment is super easy and zero interest. This is a great deal , I also own a m7 sleep number and an original temperpedic, this mattress competes

  • Kacie Malouf - Good value

    Performs well - seems to charge faster than a USB connection to a PC. Charger is useful for a variety of other devices I have that connect to a USB cable. Solidly built, and seemed inexpensive.

  • Anastasia P - but the toner and lotion are amazing and indispensable

    Go from pizza face to a human face in 2 days. Anytime my acne gets out of control, to the point that no other products help, this one never disappoints. The cleanser is a bit harsh on the skin, but the toner and lotion are amazing and indispensable .

  • Kristin - Nice for all the little Palentologists

    My son received this for his 6th birthday. He had received a similar toy from a different manufacturer in the past and had enjoyed that and worked at it for over a month on and off. This project was much quicker to "excavate". He had a lot of fun with it but he had all the pieces removed within an hour or two. Not wanting the mess from the block in my house I had him work on it outside, it can be quite messy although was not half as bad as the one from the other manufacturer that he had used prior. My son was quite excited with the T-Rex skeleton that he found. The pieces go together quite easily. It was not something that kept well though as he wanted to play with it in his dinosaur playset and he kept breaking it apart with the pieces eventually becoming lost to the place where lost toy pieces go. I must say that several months after it was purchased his grandmother found the exact same item at a local store for only $10, which I would say is a better price. She did buy him another one which we will save until the weather becomes nice again and we can get back outside to use it. Gotta love winter in the Northeast!!

  • Patrick Seifert - Easy setup. I like that it has access to ...

    Easy setup. I like that it has access to all of the Google Play apps, but because the apps are designed for phones and pads,not all of the functions work properly on all of the apps like page up or down. I like the air mouse but find myself toggling between the up/down arrows and the mouse because you can only use one or the other. I wish bluetooth capabilities were available so i could use a keyboard. Having Kodi preloaded is a plus. Even though the T95N needs some work it will do everything I purchased it for.