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  • Gene Montgomery - Excellent Performance and Stability when Loaded with Tomato Firmware

    The only "con" I would give this router is its price; I could have gotten similar performance with a Netgear option at a lower price, but I decided to stick with Asus, since I was pleased with the RT-N16.

  • Karen L. Robertson - Pleased with the results

    I have sensitive skin so I was concerned about how the product would cause my skin to react but so far it's only been a positive result.

  • Bryan Betemps Jr. - Built a custom box with 4" port and slid in ...

    Built a custom box with 4" port and slid in the bow of the boat... wow this thing beats. Definitely had to turn it down a bit! can't speak for Rockford Fosgates subs, must hear in person.

  • Andrew McLauchlan - These knee sleeves are great for anyone that has had knee problems or are ...

    These knee sleeves are great for anyone that has had knee problems or are lifting a lot of weight for squats or deadlifts. When you first get this product it will have a really strong rubber smell. I would recommend washing them by themselves before use to try and reduce the smell. I washed them for the first time with the rest of my laundry and the smell kind of just got transferred to my clothes so I had to run the wash a couple extra times to get rid of the smell from everything. The logo will come off pretty quickly but that doesn't bother me at all. These sleeves kept my knees warm and reduced the soreness in my knees during all of my sets. The first time I used them I got a personal record squat so I am definitely a believer in this product.