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  • deja - cheaply made

    The ends and sides folded in and didnt stay to their original shape. They also slide around on the floor because the bottoms are smooth and there are no little nubs to keep them in place like most other mats. Doesnt do me any good keeping the carpet protected if they are not in the correct place. Hate these liners. Have H.... liners for my other cars and love them. Weather tech customer service wont do anything

  • Annie Bresler - Loses connection constantly

    Started losing connection after three months...started having to restart it at least once a day. The last few weeks it won't stay connected long enough for me to get anything done on my laptop and for some reason my laptop won't acknowledge the signal once it's lost until I restart my laptop as well, which means I lose everything I've been working on. I have checked all my cables & connections. It has to be this modem. Never had these issues with my previous modem/router, but had to upgrade because it was a 2.0.

  • Cherie J. Hepburn - Good product

    Isagenix is not bad and I've used their products for a few years. However, common sense needed before using any product or program. If you do a cleans for nine days on anything, you will lose weight, it will come back when you resume your normal habits. People must eat to survive. The consumption of the right foods throughout the day with even moderate exercise will result in weight lose, you just need to find out what the right foods are for you. Isagenix comes in handy when real food is not available or inappropriate for the situation, like in the middle of a meeting.

  • Theresa Powell - The Hess Truck Was Perfect, Shiipping was great didn't even have to wait a week.

    Perfect - no problems. Hubby loves it. I did get one for him for xmas but he forgot to get one for a friend of ours son. So he gave the one I bought for him to the young boy. He has all of the truck from way back when. Even when they were red. So when he went to get another for him self at the Hess Station there were none. That is when I order this one for him. Now is collect is complete for 2014. LOL

  • Thrifty Mom - This product is great! I can use it without having an energy ...

    This product is great! I can use it without having an energy crash like you do with sugar based products. Love love love it.


    I am thinking all the positive reviews were from one of those outfits that get paid to leave positive reviews for products. I purchased this to be an extender and it arrived today. About 50 feet from the wireless, 1 wall in-between, and it could not connect or maintain the connection. I guess that was a $99 lesson I learned, I just do not want you to have to pay for the education.