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Natural & Organic--Herbal Remedies, Infant & Mother, Skin Care Products, Tea Tree Oil. - We specialize in providing innovative natural remedies & books to educate about natural health. Our formulas have been designed to support vitality of the body. Our focus is on remedies whose roots come from traditional cultures, and we work to translate the wisdom of these wonderful gifts of nature into tools that help support the body to be healthy in our modern lifestyles.

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  • Kathleen Reed - Nothing but annoyance!

    This system claims it works "quietly in the background" to protect my computer. Hogwash! It constantly demands my attention with messages that I am not covered here or there. I've tried to work with McAfee technicians, to no avail. One message pops up several times a day, and I can't get it to stop bugging me. I've repeatedly clicked the option of "update automatically", also to no avail. I am completely fed up with this program and am going back to AVG, which I have had for many years. The only problem with AVG is that they want an arm and a leg for a subscription! I will NEVER buy McAfee again!

  • VtCwby07 - Good so far...

    Upon initial use of this I have noticed that the smell is strong, but not overwhelming, due to the use of Tea Tree oil and Peppermint oil, both of which are strong scents. It does not seem to have a lingering effect on the body. The soap itself lathers up well and seems to cover well.

  • Lofty - Good book

    Hayley had been friends with the Barton boys all her life as a teen she fancied Luke & acted on it before leaving town. That was 3 years ago now her gran has died & left her some property she's back.

  • Nancy Kilian - My liver is damaged!

    Please, I am letting you all know that I had 2 physicals for insurance and doctor change the week before I started Thrive. I did a dft, 2 capsules and a shake every day. My urine started to have an awful smell, so I thought I had a kidney infection, or uti. Nothing showed in my urine test. Just dehydrated, but I thought that was impossible, since this product has made me thirst like a dog in a hot car. Well, I reluctantly went out of town on my scheduled vacation. About 1/2 of my 2 weeks were spent in bed. Couldn't make myself get up, just took my shake and routine and went back to bed-to have sweats, ill dreams, and restlessness. I started having heart "flip flops" and got really shaky. I was convinced I was dying. I also started having an ache in my right side, as well as breast pain, and left shoulder pain. The day I came home from my vacation I went directly to my local hospital. I didn't even notice..but I had a horrific rash all over my face that the doctor noticed right away. My heart showed premature firing, and she printed the ekg off to show me. That explained the flip flopping I felt. My urine was not infected-but the smell was becuz my liver was almost shut down completely and the kiver enzymes were out of this world high! The doctor asked me what was going on? What am I using, herbal suppliments, tea, vitamins? I said I was using Thrive. She had not heard of it, but did a search of the ingredients and told me to remove the dft right there! I am to never use it again, and asked if I had done any research on this stuff? I did, but never thought I was searching for liver destruction! I didn't realize I was in danger of this-since it was supposed to be great! I am left goung to see a liver specialist now and praying to God my liver will regenerate and I will be ok after 3 or 4 months of diligently using Thrive. I can't help to say that I am scared and this fatigue is nothing I have ever experienced before. I also sold a sample of Thrive to my friend, not knowing he had been treated to cure his Hep C..and having to explain the reason he may be feeling so horrible after his month trial is that I sold him on Thrive and it probably hurt his liver as well, not knowing his history-I feel so sad I told him about Thrive. After we stopped Thrive, we both feel like we are probably detoxing off some major poison! I hope you will listen to my run on sentences and poor grammar-but this is from my own experience, and I can't be more sincere in my heart for people to be saved from this terrible product.

  • Kelly Wilson - Prepare to change your life!

    Think Better, Live Better is a classic Joel Osteen book. His books have a way to leave a lasting imprint on your heart. This book will help you to realize how you think determines how you live. Tune out the negativity, doubt, and all the internal voices that say you can't and tune in to your calling. Your calling that God has planned for you. Once you close out all the negativity you can begin to live the life God has always planned for you. You will be abundantly blessed. Something that will stay with me is how easy the words that Joel Osteen speaks in his books are pretty much common sense, however, for what ever reason, we aren't listening and we are doing just the opposite in our everyday life. I loved how he demonstrated about worrying. Worrying is like to mediate on the wrong. Why would you do this. You can reach a new level of victory if you stop thinking negative thoughts. You will be blessed if you don't let negative thoughts rent space in your mind and soul. It's time to put that eviction notice on the door and time to engage in the present and positive of each and every day. Don't block your blessings with these negative thoughts.

  • Janice Digs - Great Find

    I haven't been able to find a bra I really like for years. Until now. I love this bra. VERY comfortable, looks great. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing a bra at all which is fantastic.