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Jewish Community Center of Bensonhurst - Brooklyn JCC - Edith and Carl Marks Jewish Community House of Bensonhurst (JCC) - 7802 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11214. (718) 331-6800; Summer Camps, Swimming..

  • http://www.jchb.org/services-youth-asd/ Services for Youth with ASD - Brooklyn, NY | JCH - After School Care Our Afterschool Center considers the special needs of children on the spectrum between the ages of 5-11 and provided individualized atten
  • http://www.jchb.org/marks-jch-cammarata-youth-sports-teams-bring-home-gold-jcc-maccabi-games/ Marks JCH Cammarata Youth Sports Teams Bring Home the Gold at the JCC Maccabi Games - Brooklyn, NY | JCH - Once again, the Marks JCH Maccabi team brought home the gold in girls’ volleyball at the JCC Maccabi Games. The Games, like a Jewish teen Olympics, bring t
  • http://www.jchb.org/marks-jch-leading-way-serving-young-adults-special-needs/ Marks JCH Leading the Way in Serving Young Adults With Special Needs - Brooklyn, NY | JCH - Marks JCH continues to be a leader in providing accessible and inclusive services in south Brooklyn, increasing our outreach to young adults with special n
  • http://www.jchb.org/double-homecoming-glenn-markman-day-j-marks-jch-cammarata-youth-sports-teams-bring-home-gold-jcc-maccabi-games/ Glenn Markman Day at the J - Brooklyn, NY | JCH - On Friday, August 12, we welcomed the entire Markman family back to the “J” to honor the memory of their son, brother, father, and husband, and our long-ti
  • http://www.jchb.org/marks-jch-summer-teen-israel-experiences/ Marks JCH Summer Teen Israel Experiences - Brooklyn, NY | JCH - In the past two years, thanks to partnerships with generous funders and partners: JCC Association, JCC Global, Jim Joseph Foundation, and UJA-Federation of
  • http://www.jchb.org/marks-jch-expansion/ Marks JCH Expansion - Brooklyn, NY | JCH - For almost 90 years, the Marks JCH has served as a pillar of our community, connecting people and empowering them at every stage of life through vital soci
  • http://www.jchb.org/summer-day-camp-2016-week-1/ Summer Day Camp 2016: Week 1! - Brooklyn, NY | JCH - Yeladim campers this week we all got our feet wet with daily instructional swim and jumped with joy at the weekly gymnastics class. In our groups, we learn
  • http://www.jchb.org/children-teens/ Children & Teens Programs, Activities - Brooklyn, NY | JCH - The Children + Teens department has been an integral part of Marks JCH since its inception providing Jewish Education, academic development, cultural...
  • http://www.jchb.org/membership-wellness/ Membership, Wellness, Sports, Benefits - Brooklyn, NY | JCH - Become a member of the Marks JCH today to receive many benefits. See fees & policies; programs include: sports, gym, swimming, tennis, basketball...
  • http://www.jchb.org/adults/ Family, Learning & Careers, Jewish Life - Brooklyn, NY | JCH - Marks JCH is an educational venue for children, families and adults; it is a home of new immigrants, a cultural & careers center, ESOL, job placement & more
  • http://www.jchb.org/social-services/ Social Services, Counseling, Citizenship - Brooklyn, NY | JCH - The Marks JCH Social Services Department works with individuals and families, to enhance their quality of life. Assistance, case management and advocacy...
  • http://www.jchb.org/senior-adults/ Senior Adults Programs, Activities & Events Brooklyn, NY | JCH - We offer many programs, activities & benefits for Senior adults who comprise a large percentage of the rich quilt we call Bensonhurst. In-home services...
  • http://www.jchb.org/donate/ Donate to JCH - Help Others in our Community | JCHB.org - Donations help the JCH fund a wide variety of programs and initiatives. Help the JCH help others in our community. We welcome gifts of all sizes.
  • http://www.jchb.org/about-the-j/ About Marks JCH of Bensonhurst - JCC in Brooklyn, NY - Founded in 1927 by the children of Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe, the JCH has always been a home for the Jewish community and our neighbors to gather
  • http://www.jchb.org/directions/ Directions to Marks JCH of Bensonhurst in Brooklyn, NY - Directions to Marks JCH of Bensonhurst - Our address is 7802 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11214. Call for info: (718) 331-6800
  • http://www.jchb.org/summer-camps/ JCH Brooklyn Summer Camps 2016 for Kids, Teens Ages 3-14 - Brooklyn Summer Camps at the JCH for Kids & Teens Ages 3-14 is more than a place where children learn how to swim and enjoy arts and crafts – it’s a safe...
  • http://www.jchb.org/career-development-center/ Career Development & Self-Sufficiency Center - Brooklyn, NY - The JCH has an extensive network of connections with area employers and a comprehensive computer system for matching candidates’ skills with job openings.
  • http://www.jchb.org/kibbutznik-russian-immersion-summer-day-camp/ Russian-Immersion Summer Day Camp in Park Slope, Brooklyn - Kibbutznik Summer Day Camp is part of JCH family initiative in Park Slope: Innovative Russian language program, Jewish culture, yoga, music, swim lessons...

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  • Shannon - A Great Record

    I think this album is destined to be divisive. The folks who love it are really going to love it, and vice versa. I see it becoming a cult/ fan favorite album in the vein of Christina Aguilera's album Bionic. There are other Bionic parallels as well. Like that record, I think this one will be misunderstood. It has a more upbeat, experimental first half and a personal, more organic second half. And, for me, it's great. I respect Lady Gaga's restless energy and the fact that she tries different things on her albums. Her ideas don't always work, but I love her creativity and her willingness to give new things a try. Her new approach on this record works very well and she may win herself some new fans with this personal intense record. Listen with an open mind and you may find that you like it too. Highlights for me would be Joanne, Diamond Heart, John Wayne, Come to Mama and Million Reasons. Get the deluxe version for the excellent song Grigio Girls. A Wonderful pop record from the Lady.

  • Brian Spradlin - Unfortunately not as interesting as hoped

    I was one of the masses that followed news about Spore online for the past few years, anticipating a great game with a great deal of depth and opportunities for creative evolution. Unfortunately, it did fall short of expectations. One of the first letdowns I found was that it doesn't matter very much how you customize your creature in the second phase of the game. You won't "evolve" with different skills based on the number of limbs or orientation of head/arms/weapons at all. It all comes down to a ranking system based on the individual parts included. If a set of hands has +1 health and +2 damage, that just all adds up to an overall ability to cause more damage per attack. It doesn't matter at all where on the body the items are placed, just so long as they are there somewhere. Also, you can change your creature 100% at any time in the first or second phase of the game. There's no evolution of more powerful limbs if you use them for multiple generations. They're the same limbs as any others you could pick from the creator program. Finally, when you leave phase two and move to the Tribe and beyond, you can't modify the creature further. Instead, you have the ability to add or remove items of clothing in one phase and the look of vehicles in another. The creatures themselves don't change again.