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  • firewalker - Good fit.

    Top has a good fit and looks good. Hold down clamps are a little difficult to deal with. Overall a good bed cover for the price.

  • MissP - Better than expected

    I was rather skeptical of spending this much on custom floor mats. But dealling with oilfield workers who SWEAR by Weathertech I bit the bullet and ordered for my new truck. I was also somewhat skeptical of them fitting correctly since the new models haven't been out that long. The FedEx driver brought my mats in two days and was telling me about her Weathertech mats. I didn't realize so many people really used them. So I went to the car wash with my boxes in hand to vaccum the rugs I was going to replace and the owner of the car wash was RAVING about his Weathertech. Mine fit perfectly, looked great, covered well, and were shipped fast. So I am pretty confident that the oilfield guys, the FedEx girl, the car wash owner AND myself made a great choice with Weathertech.

  • Mrs.DiPiero - Love Foxbrim!

    I have to start by saying I am a little bias when it comes to the Foxbrim brand because to date I have tried a good handful of their products and all of them I have been fairly impressed with. This Ultimate Renewal Scar Cream was no different. I was very excited to try out the cream because it says it works on stretch marks, which I have from my first and I am due with my next in just a couple weeks and I will be using it to heal up those scars as well. As for my already existing ones this has already showed me a visible reduction. I have those purplish colored marks around my belly button and even though my belly is large again they are still there so I started using this cream and the color has improved. I am more excited to use it as it is shrinking down though because I feel like it'll shrink down the marks as I shrink down. The cream is white and absorbs pretty quickly. There is no overwhelming smell to it as with some stretch mark/ scar creams I have tried. I like the pump top as well. All in all it is a great brand and thus far has proven to be on par with all the other Foxbrim Products I have tried. I did receive this product at a discounted price in order to check it out and give some honest feedback on how it worked for me personally.

  • Bill - Absolute garbage. The tester comes with 2 batteries

    Absolute garbage. The tester comes with 2 batteries, the first battery dies after 3 days and the 2nd battery died after a week. Even when I unplugged the tester and put it in it's wrapper band after every single test. Also, the Droid app that you use with it crashed and lost all of my testing data. I was being very good about testing before and after every meal, and then this product screwed me. Piece of crap.

  • Charles Esmailka - Returning it

    I bought this board based on the specifications defined by Newegg. I was led to believe that there were 2x internal USB 2.0 headers, but there is only 1 header for 2 USB ports. This left me unable to hook up a Corsair internal USB link and an extra USB backplate. I also disagree with the angle of the other connectors like the power connectors and USB 3.0. This may help with getting extra air through your case, but it's also a headache to plug things in.