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Cosmetic Treatment and Unexplained Illnesses at Drummartin Clinic Dublin Ireland - Drummartin Clinic is an Integrative Medicine Practice: We combine General Practice , Cosmetic Medicine and Natural Medicine including oral and intravenous nutrition, natural hormone therapies and acupuncture.

  • http://www.integrativemedonline.com/cosmetic_treatments.html Cosmetic surgery from acne to wrinkles at Drummartin Clinic, Dublin 14 - Non-invasive cosmetic surgery botox wrinkles dermal fillers non-surgical facelift with Radiesse lip enhancement acne treatment inclusive gay-friendly subtle and understated enhancement which avoid tastless exaggeration: Drummartin Clinic, Dublin 14.
  • http://www.integrativemedonline.com/illness_bowel.html Irritable Bowel Syndrome / IBS, a detailed medical approach at Drummartin Clinic Dublin 14 - Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS may involve constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, cramping, flatulence and may be associated with fibromyalgia, cfs / chronic fatigue, PMS, candidiasis, persistent vaginal thrush, food allergies, bowel infection, HCL and digestive enzyme deficiency. A comprehensive approach at Drummartin Clinic, Goatstown, Dublin 14
  • http://www.integrativemedonline.com/illness_premenstrual.html PMS, PMT and PMDD result from estrogen and progesterone. - PMS, PMT and PMDD symptoms are described. Testing estrogen and progesterone at day 1-3 and day 18-21 of the menstrual cycle enables hormone imbalances to be identified and treated. Bio-identical hormones are now a PMS treatment option at Drummartin Clinic.
  • http://www.integrativemedonline.com/illness_gland_adrenal.html Adrenal fatigue’s role in fibromyalgia, cfs, and thyroid problems. - Drummartin Clinic: Adrenal fatigue is potential cause in CFS, fibromyalgia, non-responsive thyroid problems, low cortisol levels, and any condition where exhaustion or ‘tired all the time’ are key issues.
  • http://www.integrativemedonline.com/illness_gland_thyroid.html Underactive thyroid role in weight gain, fibromyalgia and fatigue. - Underactive thyroid symptoms are significant in weight gain, fatigue, fibromyalgia, estrogen, progesterone and adrenal hormone imbalances and infertility. Free T3, free T4, TSH and salivary cortisol tests help in treating patients at Drummartin Clinic.
  • http://www.integrativemedonline.com/bio_identical_hormones.html Bioidentical hormones: natural oestrogen, progesterone & testosterone at Drummartin Clinic, Dublin 14 - Bio identical hormone replacement Early Menopause symptoms natural oestrogen natural progesterone testosterone oestradiol biest premenopausal perimenopausal symptoms Hrt Suzanne Somers Dr Jonathan Wright

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  • Tiny&Olive - Great Toner for Sensitive Skin + Super Cute Package

    Okay, so I was a bit skeptical as I am allergic to most products out there, I have very sensitive skin, and have been using the same toner for years. However, I decided this was worth a try as it does not have a lot of ingredients, all the ingredients are natural and I have never had an allergy to any of the ingredients in this product before. Verdict: I am super impressed! It leaves your face feeling clean, without drying it out. I noticed some of the reviewers thought it was too moisturizing, but I have dry skin, so I typically have to lather on the lotion after using toner. This product allows me to cut back on the amount of face lotion I am using, which is a plus! I did not have any irritation or allergy and that is really a testament to the product, thus, I would definitely recommend it to those with sensitive skin like me. Regarding the scent, it smells like roses. I would say if floral scents bother you, especially roses, this is not the product for you. However, it says rose petal and there are roses on the packaging so they are not hiding that is is a rose product! I personally am not a huge fan of floral scents, however, I found this to be a very natural (not synthetic) rose scent and it fades away within 10 minutes. There is actually something nostalgic about the scent for me. Finally, I LOVE the packaging--So fun! I will definitely be putting one of these in my mom's Christmas stocking this year. Definitely earned a FIVE star review!

  • Karen T. Young - Love my CanvasBack Cargo liner

    I have had the CanvasBack on my Cherokee for almost 3 years now and have never had a problem with it. It fits perfectly, stays put, covers all the carpeted areas (even the seat backs). I just vacuum up the dog hair, and if anything spills, wipe it up.

  • R. Beck - Learning Spanish on my time.

    I enjoy this program and I'm able to use it in my car while going to and from work. I'm working towards conversational speaking.

  • Jeff Eisenbrey - Taken hostage by the subscription. Beware!

    This was a long-term hostage taking. A couple of days, altogether, spent waiting for a human -another couple of days searching every forum we could find, and still no fix for After-Effects. $120 out the window while waiting to cancel the subscription. The "chat" session was handled by a robot. Lovely. This makes me think of the movie, Brazil. Nightmarishly impersonal bloodsucking machine of a company.

  • Emily Kemble - not horrible but ehhh

    I've seen this stuff before. Its plagiarized from a website. Also, the book is big but thin, I didn't even know what it was when I got the package because of how thin and light it was. A waste of my money :(