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  • Mathieu BC - Really work !

    I put this oil leak stopper for a oil head gasket leak and work perfectly (half the bottle) after the first time oil change and 300 Km later. To be sure, my car have 120 000 km, I put the second half of the bottle in the next oil change after 1200 km. Be sure to not use Lucas gas additive upper cylinder lubricant whit the oil stopper when you have a oil head gasket leak. The product will work, but will did not last long due to the lubrication on the head gasket. That is why I put It again whit a synthetic oil change.

  • Weda - Shark vs Bissell...the Shark wins!

    I purchased this vacuum about 6 mos. ago in search of replacing my Bissell Pet Hair Removal vacuum. I wanted to wait in submitting this review until I had used the Shark for a fair amount of time. I had initially purchased the Bissell Pet Hair vacuum to help me with the carpet and carpeted stairs in my home. We have two dogs, a Min Pin and a yellow Lab, so the dog hair has various sizes and colors. Our house is carpeted almost throughout (except the tiled kitchen and entryway) in a dark forest green carpet. You can imagine how quickly and easily the yellow Lab hair shows on this dark carpet. I found the Bissell to be heavy and almost impossible to deal with on the stairs. The removable attachment hose was always detaching somewhere, while I was trying to use it on the stairs (either the pet attachment from the extension piece, or the extension piece from the flexible hose, or the flexible hose from the sweeper body. Nothing broke, but in pulling the hose up the stairs, something would inevitably pull out from their counterpart as there were no 'locking' mechanisms to keep these separate pieces together. I also found that the rotating brushes on the Bissell did NOT stop rotating as long as the sweeper was turned on. This resulted in the sweeper 'eating' the rubber coating on the sweeper cord while I was trying to pull the hose up the stairs and the sweeper would roll over the cord. The cord was attached to the lower part of the vacuum so I had to wrap the cord around the top extension hose holder, to keep the cord in reachable distance.

  • davidcbarnard - Read the Instructions. Read the Instructions, Read the instructions.

    This stuff works great. Although some of the reviews are quite humorous, I am writing this to give you a few tips to make it go smoothy.