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  • Helraizr - Why. Blizzard, did you have to smear the diablo name!!!

    This game isn't bad... its horrible. Now I've not come to this decision lightly. It took hours and hours of hoping it would be good to figure out... it is not...at all. So you start the game and BAM! WACK! SLUG! down go some zombies, you think oh wow! this is great. You notice the graphics are very enhanced and you can demolish the scenery which is awesome. You play through with your friends, who have also been waiting 12 years for this game, and subtlety rave about how the story line is pretty good; but on the inside you know it is only your mind making this false sense of "good" up so all of your hopes don't go up in flames.... but deep inside a single tear falls down your cheek as you strike down diablo and the game ends. You are officially done with this game. I'm talking about beating it in normal from here just get ready for an entire Lake Michigan full of disappointments. I'll give blizzard two props 1) act 4 was pretty epic and 2) the characters do have pretty unique skills...if you could use them all. You get 3 passive skills slots, 4 key driven skill slots, and 2 mouse driven skill slots and that is the only customization of the build you get. No stat points, no leveling up skills....just choose these 6 skills(9 if you include passives) put a rune(which there are usually only 1 or 2 good ones) in the skill and its over. you are custom made. almost. What happened to building up your build as you level?!? putting 20 points into lightning storm was a risk but hell you knew in 10 more levels you'd have 20 points in lightning mastery and it would be worth it. You also had gear waiting for you that you found with you magic find character. That lidless wall looks great!! and it doesnt add strength!! That's right. So the slight chance that you do find a legendary piece of gear in diablo 3 you will soon see the MAJOR let down of this game. A caster shield like the lidless wall can have +int! or +strength. WTF is that about blizzard!??! and this is just the start of the problems with gear. About 99% of the time rares are far superior to legendary gear. Why does a staff need +200 strength and +90 int??? What programmer is laughing his ass off at us as our hopes get built up as we ID the gear we've been farming for, for days just to find out... its a pure throw away. So you soon figure out the only way to play this game is to get to 60 and farm for gear to try to sell for cheap on the AH to build up your bank account a smidge at a time. You then realize that the place where you farm gear, inferno, is absolutely ridiculous. So you struggle through act 1 and trade in your hard earned gold for resistance and vitality gear- slowly you build up your character so you can take out the butcher at the end of act 1 inferno. You get a sense of achievement because, lets face it, it's hard- even with all your buddies. Then you get to act 2.... this is the true end of the game. In act 1 the chance for monsters to drop lvl 63 items is approx. 4-5%. in act 2 it almost doubles 9-10% or so. And in act 3 its higher yet. So getting to the later acts would present a higher % of getting good gear, but from act 1 to act 2 the Blizzard flips the shit-switch to full power. You go out into act 2 and start mowing down enemies like they are butter!! wow i'm going to do it you think. Then you meet your first elite pack and get absolutely demolished... no earn... no funeral... you get slapped around by everything the desert has to offer and then your remains get taken and placed inside of a port-a-john as you watch the turds of strangers fall down and hit you over and over again in the face... When you get to act 2 farm status(which you WILL still die) you try act 3 and just the same scenario- overly hard enemies with retarded ammount of life and power. So the only real farming option is to run act 1 over and over and hope for the 4% or so to help you out. And that's it. Now everyone knows why the game is set up like this. It is set up for the RMAH, the real money auction house. Diablo has been turned into a cash cow. In this game you are REQUIRED to use the AH in one way or another. But as you progress in the game you die A LOT and this costs A LOT. So you either farm act 1 for years and not die or die in the later acts and shell out 30-50k for repairs, so any items you may find are just going to maybe break you even. Which brings the PARENTS' credit card into the picture. Buy ELITE items that will help you beat the game... just 200 dollars a piece, and blizzard does take their cut per transaction. So the game gets to a point where you either HATE the game or Pour out the dough. A decision that should not be any part of ANY diablo game. Diablo is supposed to be fun and very relaxed.. like all other diablo games.. The last FATAL flaw of this game if you haven't already vomited down the front of your shirt is there is NO PVP. PVP was, in a way, the reason for magic finding bosses for hours. if you found items you could be better at killing in PVP and better at killing your way to 99. Blizzard placed an easily obtainable level cap in this game.. so no more admiring the lvl 99 in the game for all his hard work. I'm in need of another tissue because im in tears because this game is so horrible. please dont buy it... pretty please. Pretty pretty please.... dont do it. ever.

  • Frances Lee Carlson - my review

    love to make cards with it! very easy to use! another high quality product! will buy it again in 2 years!

  • mom from cleveland - Buy it!!!!

    This is a flawlessly illustrated version of Aesop's most popular fables. There are barely any bookstores anymore-But the local Barnes and Noble, as well as the closing Borders-didn't have anything nearly as nice on their shelves. I could go on and on.. But in summary-ALL children should be exposed to Aesop's fables-If not at home, then in school. I think our society has lost interest in basic morality and many of these fables relate to the way we should all treat others. The pictures are so eye-catching, that even the most movement-prone 6 year old I know- sat still and paid attention. A beautiful book-A deal, at $9.95, and a keepsake!

  • Masrock - Un-Earthly

    Having escaped the Borg collective, I ripped the prototypes of these Audioquest K2 cables from my living tissues. I found these cables had almost infinite conductivity, I tried to measure the inverse of this but testing such low Resistance Is Futile.

  • whirledpeaz - Not as advertised.

    I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review. The only thing I have tried cooking in this pan is an omelette. No oil or butter. Using only med heat setting the eggs stuck to the pan. They were easy enough to remove with a paper towel when it cooled but there was no way that the omelette was going to slide out of the pan on its own.