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Instituto de Estudios Internacionales - Universidad de Chile - Postgrados y postítulos en relaciones internacionales, política comercial, estrategia y derecho internacional, e integración regional.

Country:, South America, CL

City: -70.6682 Santiago Metropolitan, Chile

  • Gerardo Zandarin - EXELENT and FUNNY

    I have DEER HUNTER RELOADED, i can say that this so good too, recommended for all hunting fans, very funny

  • pizyy - I wholeheartedly recommend this moisturizer

    I wholeheartedly recommend this moisturizer! I love putting it on because it reminds me of Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel--it is a wonderfully lightweight gel and makes my skin feel refreshed instead of heavy. However, unlike Clinique's famous DDMG that I used to use back when I had super oily skin, this moisturizer is great for my dry-combination skin and probably suitable for most other skin types except very dry. What I like most about it is that in addition to feeling great, this moisturizer improves skin with long-term use due to its beneficial ingredients. This moisturizer has ceramides to repair/support skin, and 4% niacinamide, which also has numerous benefits for skin, such as the ability to fade post-inflammatory pigmentation (the red marks from acne scarring) that I sadly have much of. It's definitely a bargain buy, which is why it's popular on Reddit's SkincareAddiction, rated highly on Beautypedia, and one of the best-sellers of facial moisturizers on Amazon (which is always changing but it was at the time of my purchase)!

  • caitlin francke - A scam - BEWARE HIDDEN COSTS

    I bought the Total Transformation program so I could better handle my ADHD daughter. I was prepared for the $347 cost with shipping. What I was not prepared for was $600 in total fees. When I called to inquire with Customer Service, they told me that in addition to The Total Transformation Program, I had purchased the Parental Support line and The Total Focus Program (both of which were free for a certain time period, but then fees kicked in.) I told them that I had not purchased those items and customer service insisted I had. I checked my receipt. It was intentionally vague, not listing out what was purchased and what was not, nor alerting to eventual fees. I called customer service back and they agreed to remove the Parental Support fee but they REFUSED to remove the Total Focus program (at a cost of $129). I told them that yes, I had received it, I thought it was a bonus and had never used it. I offered to send it back as it is still in its original packaging. They said no, the time for returning is over and would not refund me. Clearly this is part of their business plan to offer one product, then slip in others and have unsuspecting parents like me get hit with the bill.