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  • HFla - Recommend!

    Worked relatively well but did have to leave it on for a longer time during each application to see results. I did have sensitivity that whiteners cause but it has greatly decreased over time. I used the remineralizer that was recommended by other buyers and it definitely helped. Overall I do recommend this product as it is much more economical than the dentist with convenient access via amazon.

  • Amazon Customer - Love my Wrangler!!!

    This machine is awesome! For a bad axx off road vehicle its on road performance is great! The interior has a ton of room and cargo space. There are so many accessories/options to play with and add the possibilities are endless. Finally one of the best parts, it's a 4x4 convertable!!!!

  • Amazon Customer - I liked this book

    I liked this book. It presents the case for a counterintuitive treatment in a clear, organized, and comprehensive manner. I have no clue if it works, or not. But it is worth a try in a world where PPI's are now OTC, and often handed out like candy. I would also like to add, if you are having problems with GERD, you really need to be scoped. Many things could be causing this problem that need to be ruled out, and could be corrected mechanically at the time of the scope, or by relatively minor surgery later on.

  • bshound - 6 month shelf life

    This is quite expensive. I gave it as a stocking stuffer at Christmas and my husband hasn't used it yet. I will have to remind him to try it out, because the package says it has a 6 month shelf life. So even though Sugru is promoted as something to keep around because "you never know when it might be useful," if you aren't living with a dedicated DIY person you might better buy it when you need it.

  • Amazon Customer - Great enough for university coursework

    Great enough for university coursework, but the emmc storage is relatively slower so it my cause stuck, but usually it will recover in just a second.

  • Charles P. Poole, Jr. - THE VIRGIN MARY APPEARS

    This is a strange book about responding to the controversial Apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Medjugoije in Bosnia-Hercegovina. The author calls President Obama a "radical Marxist socialist" who wants to bring Marxism to America. The author supports founding small Christian villages around the US declared independent of "Federalization." He claims that scientific studies prove that the six visionaries of Medjugoije actually see something supernatural. I am not convinced by his overall message of how we must rechristianize America, but I do hope to see it rechristianized in my lifetime. . .