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ICUD | Homepage - A number of Consultation and Consensus Meetings have been organized on prostate and bladder diseases since 1981 on the basis of a voluntary collaboration from international and national urological associations. These Consultations, supported by World Health Organization WHO and the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) in a non-official way, created the need for a global, official organization to foster and increase the potential to inform its worldwide network of international and national urological associations and the populations that they serve. The International Consultation on Urological Diseases (ICUD) was established as a scientific, international, non-profit association under Belgium law on June 28, 1994. The main reason for its foundation was the need to create an NGO working in association with the WHO and UICC.

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  • brandon - I like how a little goes a looooong way

    I like how a little goes a looooong way. It has a funny smell, but it makes my dog clean. While it does help with his scratching, it does not help too much with his dandruff. I just started using it so I will see how it works as I continue to use it.

  • Mom of Two - I love this with my Flip Belt

    I love this with my Flip Belt. It stays in place. It is not cumbersome or uncomfortable when running.

  • Endurance and other testaments to human courage - Endurance and other testaments to human courage

    Endurance is one of the most incredible stories of human courare and perseverance on record. For those who enjoyed Endurance you should also read "The Last Antartic Heroes" - It is the story of what happened to Aurora, the boat sent by Shackleton to lay depots on the other side of the Antarctic for Shackletons' trans-continnental crossing which never eventuated. Like the Endurance part of the expedition, the boat was lost, this time with most of their provisions, yet they were bound to try to complete the mission (by laying the depots) so that Shackleton and his men would not starve to death when they came accross the continent.

  • Christoph - works well

    Purchased this to sharpen both regular and rip chains. The sharpener works well, and the portability is nice. In addition it can do the compound angles needed for rip chains a major plus. However, the unit gets hot so you will also want to ware gloves while operating.

  • Daxter - Is not as easy and intuitive as some people claim

    Is not for everybody. Is not as easy and intuitive as some people claim, but is not completely useless either. The cable set up wont pick up every note on every guitar. If you have a low quality guitar it is a bit frustrating.

  • Silverdog - I love the way my skin looks after using this product

    I love the way my skin looks after using this product. The bottle is smaller than the other face washes I've used in the past. However, a little goes a long way with this. I made the mistake of using the "Normal" amount that I'm used to using with my other face wash. It was too much. My face foamed up as if I was at a Rave Foam Party. Thank goodness I was in the shower and not trying to wash my face at the sink. Later that evening I remembered to use a tad bit less. It was still a lot! I didn't get all soapy like the first try, but it was still a lot. Remember, a little goes a long way. I would say the appropriate amount would be a pea size or slightly more. But not more than a dime size. I thought a dime size was still too much. Most vitamin C products leave my skin red and sometimes sensitive to other products. This wash didn't cause any irritation. I was able to use my vitamin c serum after and I didn't even feel a tingle. Some of my other facial soaps don't jive with my after care products. I suffer from adult acne and have been on everything possible to clear my skin. I use a benzoyl peroxide wash every other night. I needed something non irritating to sub in between my medicated face washes. I think this is my new favorite face wash! Again, the bottle is small but its perfect for traveling and it will last a long time. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. My review of this product was based off my use and opinion on how it worked for me. I rely on REAL reviews when I'm purchasing products on Amazon. I dislike fake reviews and will never steer a customer in the direction of purchasing something that I thought was complete crap. I hope my review was helpful.