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  • Annette - An inside look

    This is a very interesting read. It really shows how much campaign financing is a must. It does not make you proud of the political process.

  • T. Joad - No effect

    It's important to note that the ingredients in this product have not shown effectiveness in clinical trials. Perhaps, if they had, it would be moved to the toolbox of mainstream eye doctors. Having a few issues with my eyes, I figured I'd give it a try anyway. At the end of a bottle, taken as directed, I noticed no outcomes whatsoever. While this product be working in some mysterious behind-the-scenes way, that's not what I'm after and it'd be quite expensive to do a long-term trial.

  • Optimizer59 - Effective at removing junk where toothbrush and floss fail

    My dentist recently recommended trying an oral irrigator to help with plaque removal. I’ll admit I was rather skeptical at first, because I brush and floss religiously, and what else could an oral irrigator really do for me? My dentist told me it could help delay some low-grade gum recession, but that it’d also help get extra junk out from between my teeth. I suppose a $40 oral irrigator is less than periodontic surgery (or other unpleasant dental adventures), so I gave the SmarToiletries Cordless Professional Oral Irrigator a try.

  • Ray Upchurch - but is more like a very brief synopsis

    I would not suggest anyone purchase this book. This book says it is a review; but is more like a very brief synopsis. I am unsure if someone with a medical background actually wrote this as no Author is mentioned. There were some very brief definitions noted then added some questions at the end of the book. It is very poorly written with some abrupt stops and no further information. In regards to the 100 questions while it does have an answer key it does not give any explanation as to why these are the correct answer. Especially noted in one question that repeats the answer twice in the selections but only one of which were correct. While the book states on the “cover pass first time guaranteed”. I do not know how this would be possible as the book was so poorly written that you could not even answer the 100 practice questions. You may perhaps be wondering why the other 5 reviews are so positive, which is a question I asked myself. Then upon further review I noted that the other 5 were given the book at a discounted price to review and one of the reviews actually states that the answers were explained very well which I found to be incredible as there are no explanations given.