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  • Mark C - Save $$$$ on repair

    I had a main seal leak on my old Isuzu Trooper Diesel and was faced with an expensive repair just to fix a gasket. After searching around I saw a clip on youtube from a guy named Scotty something, recomending this. With it being a 2.8litre engine I bought 2 X 250ml bottles and poured it in the dipstick hole with a small funnel as Scotty did in the video. It took 2 days to completely reseal the gasket. Kept it in for one week then gave the car an oil and filter change. Been a few weeks now and still no drops of oil on my garage floor. Easiest fix ever

  • David - Not for Firefox users

    Three things: Firstly, I bought this version because the other one clearly required download. This one arrived in a CD jewel box, but had no CD in it. It also required a download, except you lose a week doing it this way. Go ahead and download it, if you wish to ignore the following two concerns: Some or all of its protections will be disabled to Firefox because the Kaspersky "add-on" is not OK with Firefox and will be permanently disabled. You have to find this out the hard way by looking at your add-ons in Firefox. If you use it anyway, and visit amazon, the secure browser is likely to report "Kaspersky Total Security is not providing complete protections of your data..." Worse, yet, if you move to make a purchase and Kaspersky's Safe Money is used, it will also report problems to Firefox users and lead you to believe it is not providing the protection you have purchased. There are multiple blogs out there, one even on Kaspersky's site, that lead one to believe there have been these problems with Firefox for more than a year. More than a year. More? Is there any reason to wait for problems not alluded to in sales hype to be resolved? The hype says it works with Windows 10 and Firefox. It does not.

  • Joyce Alejandro - Very Disappointed

    Received book in a timely manner but the book was not invery good shape like it stated. CD that was supposed to come with the book had been ripped out of the back of the book which pulled the cover loose from the book itself. Had to e-mail seller after i got the book to ask for the CD be sent to me, the torn book I could deal with. Fortunately after I emailed for the CD I did receive it.Will never deal with this seller again.

  • Eric F. - A Must Read

    Admittedly, I struggled with some aspects of this book. A translation of the original work (in another language), it has some idiosyncratic punctuation and phrasing that occasionally drove me nuts. I would sincerely like to see a revised publication of this work in alignment with standard English grammar rules, simply because I feel it would make it significantly more user friendly.

  • Erika - Strong Everyday Glue

    I used these for a craft project of gluing pictures behind clear round "gems" then gluing a magnet to the back of them. It would have probably worked better if I had used actual photographs, or something studier than the magazine clippings I did use. The problem with using magazines with this glue is that the glue "seeps through" the back of the images, making them appear discolored, which kind of ruins the whole purpose of doing crafts with those clippings. Otherwise, I found the glue to be strong enough to stick to glass and magnets, and I am sure there are many other practical uses for it.

  • Regina Holloway - Dante the hot mafia hitman

    You have a dark story that become a love story. Dante is given the task to break Jodie and prepare her to become a submissive sex slave. Dante realizes his growing attraction makes him want to keep her. Jodie finds herself wanting to be his. Well written story that has a good pace. Deals with hard subjects. BB Hamel continues to make dark plots enjoyable to read. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC.