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Cardiology, Cardiac Care and Cardiovascular Services - HeartCare Partners Queensland - HeartCare Partners is one of Queensland's largest providers of cardiac care, offering the widest network of clinics across Brisbane and regional Queensland.

  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/about-us About Us - HeartCare Partners Queensland - HeartCare Partners has been operating in Queensland for over 25 years and in that time we have grown from a single practice at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane to seven permanent locations,
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/news News - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Check back regularly fo the latest news from HeartCare Partners, one of Queensland's largest providers of cardiac care
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/frequently-asked-questions Frequently Asked Questions - HeartCare Partners Queensland - For a list of services we offer at HeartCare Partners and HeartCare Sunshine Coast, please see our Procedures and Testing page or you can Contact Us.
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/contact Contact Form - HeartCare Partners Queensland - For all HeartCare Partners appointment bookings, please phone (07) 3858 8690. For all HeartCare Sunshine Coast appointment bookings, phone (07) 5390 3700
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/careers-at-genesiscare Careers @ GenesisCare - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Operations and Patient Services Manager This is an exciting opportunity for an experienced Operations and Patient Services Manager to oversee the QLD clinics in partnership with the General Manager,
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/why-choose-us Why Choose Us? - HeartCare Partners Queensland - As one of Queensland's largest providers of cardiac care, HeartCare Partners provides a comprehensive set of cardiology services through the widest network of cardiac clinics across Brisbane and
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/why-choose-us/our-vision Our Vision - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Our cardiologists and support staff also all share the aspiration for HeartCare Partners to be the 'Benchmark in Cardiovascular Care'
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/why-choose-us/expertise Expertise - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Cardiology is a highly specialised field in medicine, involving the diagnosis, management and treatment of patients with cardiovascular issues. HeartCare Partners provides consultative cardiac
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/why-choose-us/expertise/atrial-fibrillation-centre-of-excellence Atrial Fibrillation Centre of Excellence - HeartCare Partners Queensland - The Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Centre of Excellence concentrates expertise in the knowledge and treatment of AF. Led by nationally renowned Arrhythmia specialist Dr Karen Phillips, the service is
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/why-choose-us/expertise/atrial-fibrillation-centre-of-excellence/about-af-centre-of-excellence About AF Centre of Excellence - HeartCare Partners Queensland - The AF Centre of Excellence concentrates expertise in the knowledge and treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF). Led by nationally renowned Arrhythmia Cardiologist Dr Karen Phillips, the service is
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/why-choose-us/expertise/atrial-fibrillation-centre-of-excellence/about-atrial-fibrillation About Atrial Fibrillation - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Atrial fibrillation, or AF, is a common cardiac rhythm condition (arrhythmia) that is seen increasingly with age (especially over age 60). The normal electrical trigger for the heart beat in the
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/why-choose-us/expertise/atrial-fibrillation-centre-of-excellence/our-team Our Team - Atrial Fibrillation Centre of Excellence - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Dr Karen Phillips Arrhythmia Cardiologist / Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Dr Julie Humphries EchoCardiologist / Cardiac Imaging Cardiologist, Dr Deepak Arumugam Cardiologist, Heart Rhythm/Device Specialist
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/why-choose-us/expertise/atrial-fibrillation-centre-of-excellence/services Services - Atrial Fibrillation Centre of Excellence - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Clinical Consultation The underlying cause, impact and health implications of a diagnosis of AF may vary from person to person. Clinical consultation with our expert Cardiologists offers an
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/why-choose-us/expertise/atrial-fibrillation-centre-of-excellence/specialised-services Specialised Services at Atrial Fibrillation Centre of Excellence - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Treatments to Restore Normal Rhythm In many instances when AF causes significant symptoms or is negatively impacting health the major goal of treatment is to restore normal rhythm and prevent
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/why-choose-us/expertise/atrial-fibrillation-centre-of-excellence/technology Technology at Atrial Fibrillation Centre of Excellence - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Our technologies include, Pre-procedural Cardiac CT Scanning, 3D Cardiac Mapping, Intracardiac Echocardiography and 3D Transoesophageal Echocardiography
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/why-choose-us/expertise/atrial-fibrillation-centre-of-excellence/clinical-research Clinical Research at Atrial Fibrillation Centre of Excellence - HeartCare Partners Queensland - The AF Centre of Excellence is dedicated to furthering knowledge and treatments of AF and education about AF. The Centre is involved in active research with regular presentation of clinical abstracts
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/why-choose-us/expertise/atrial-fibrillation-centre-of-excellence/physician-education Physician Education - HeartCare Partners Queensland - The Centre offers Cardiologists and healthcare professionals medical observership visits to receive education on the latest AF Interventional procedures and use of advanced technology.
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/why-choose-us/expertise/atrial-fibrillation-centre-of-excellence/contact-af-centre-of-excellence Contact AF Centre of Excellence - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Patient AppointmentsSuite 212, Ramsay Specialist Centre, Newdegate Street, GreenslopesT: (07) 3394 3100F: (07) 3394 3118E: afcentre@heartcarepartners. com. au Health Care ProfessionalsT: (07) 3394
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/why-choose-us/expertise/remote-monitoring Remote Monitoring - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Is your cardiac device being remotely monitored? HeartCare Partners operate the largest, most experienced remote monitoring clinic in Australia. Use our professional, dedicated team to provide you
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/referrer-resources/syncope-clinic Syncope Clinic - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Do you have a patient that suffers from unexplained. . . Falls? Seizures? Faints? Blackouts? Syncope Facts 40% of the population will have at least one syncopal event Approximately half of patients
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/why-choose-us/clinical-research Clinical Research - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Our vision is to be the Benchmark in Cardiovascular Care. In 2012, HeartCare Partners established a dedicated Clinical Research Unit (CRU) to provide clinical research support for their cardiologists
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/heart-info Heart Info - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Read answers to our FAQs about appointment information and access important tips on how to take care of yourself in our Healthy Living section. Below is some important information regarding the
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/heart-info/what-is-cardiovascular-disease What is Cardiovascular Disease? - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is one of Australia's leading health problems and creates a significant health and financial burden across Australia. CVD refers to diseases of the heart and blood
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/heart-info/how-does-the-heart-work How Does the Heart Work? - HeartCare Partners Queensland - The human heart has four chambers. The two upper chambers are called the atria. The two lower chambers are called the ventricles. The atria receive blood returning to the heart, and then push it
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/heart-info/what-is-blood-pressure What is Blood Pressure? - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in the arteries as the heart pumps it around the body. Blood pressure is usually measured by wrapping an inflatable pressure cuff around the upper arm.
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/heart-info/what-is-angina What is Angina? - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Angina is a pain, tight feeling, heaviness, pressure or burning sensation usually felt across the chest. It may radiate to the arms, back, neck or jaw. It commonly occurs with exercise or
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/heart-info/what-is-atrial-fibrillation What is Atrial Fibrillation? - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Atrial Fibrillation (AF), or Arrhythmia is a common cardiac rhythm condition that is seen increasingly with age (especially over age 60). The normal electrical trigger for the heart beat in the top
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/heart-info/what-is-basic-life-support What is Basic Life Support? - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Basic life support (BLS) is a lifesaving technique that involves chest compressions combined with rescue breaths (mouth-to-mouth). BLS can keep oxygenated blood flowing to the brain and other vital
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/heart-info/what-is-warfarin What is Warfarin? - HeartCare Partners Queensland - Warfarin is a drug used to reduce the risk of blood clotting. The natural antidote to Warfarin is Vitamin K, which is found in leafy green vegetables. If you are taking Warfarin, it is safe to
  • http://www.heartcarepartners.com.au/heart-info/what-is-a-stroke-and-what-causes-it-to-happen What is a Stroke and What Causes it to Happen? - HeartCare Partners Queensland - A stroke is a condition in which brain cells suddenly die because of a lack of oxygen. This can be caused by an obstruction in blood flow, such as a blood clot, or the rupture of an artery that

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