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  • Minesweeper - Don't be fooled by its simplistic looks!

    Granted I just installed this product today and that I'm no audiophile, this auxiliary input device works perfectly! It did not come with the audio cable to plug into your mp3 player, but I had my own. As far as volume level goes, it's comparable to using CD's or some high quality FM stations without having to increase the volume. Installation was easy and relatively quick thanks to an installation video I found online. I also recommend getting the Poly-Planar adapter 


    I have bought several editions of "Parachute" over the years whenever my successful but unsatisfying career got under my skin more than usual. It has been the only resource I've used because it is the one everyone seems to know about. But it hasn't worked for me. Until a few months ago I was still stuck, not sure what career would be best for me. Finally I read the reviews of this new edition of "Parachute". There is a great review of "Parachute" by a career counselor dated October 24, 1999 that says "Parachute" is a great job hunting book if you know what sort of job you are looking for. He/she also says that it is pretty useless if you are trying to figure out what to do with your life. The counselor recommended two books. I bought them, used them, and finally was able to make a good decision about my future. I love my new career! The two books that helped me were " The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success" by Lore and "Do What You Are" by Tieger. If you are in the same situation as me, buy these books instead of "Parachute". Or, at least read the review I spoke of. You can find that review by clicking "Read all customer reviews" on this page.

  • Alex Gerulaitis - inactivity fee?

    Disclaimer: I didn't have a chance to actually use the Freedompop hotspot service, only dealt with their customer service and "inactivity" fees. So my review is about the latter two.

  • Tyler - It Does Work, Just Give it Time!

    Let me start by first saying that this product just works! I was very skeptical of how many reviews with 4-5 star ratings there were compared to other acne treatment products. But having tried 3-4 other solutions for about a year each, I was willing to give this one a try.