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  • oldcarguy - Bravo Bobbi

    This author is obviously a teacher, and a good one. Clear and concise, understandable even to the sub-neophyte, as am I. This book is an excellent road map that provides a clear path to a destination... in my case, setting up a small business accounting system. The Quicken 2012 Official Guide is inexpensive education... not an easy thing to find these days.

  • jbush - Good for Tips

    Provides useful advice for applying for scholarships, requesting letters or recommendation, and interviewing. The scholarships that it notes are accessible through free websites, and most of them did not apply to me personally. In addition, there were some scholarships that we no longer available.

  • Kristen - I've used gripe water in the past and was happy to see they offered probiotics as well

    I've used gripe water in the past and was happy to see they offered probiotics as well. This has been our saving grace for our little one's reflux! I especially like that it comes with a dropper rather than other brands where you have to wait for it to drip out!

  • JoeInTampa - Recommended by my wife's doctor as best at being absorbed by the body.

    My wife's doctor recommended this brand of Vitamin B-12 as being the one she had found to be the most readily absorbed. That is the best I can do in rating the efficacy of these vitamins. As to the quality and flavor, they are solid tablets that are to be dissolved under the tongue or chewed -- not swallowed whole. As to flavor, they remind me of Sweet Tart candies, although they are not quite that tart. They dissolve readily, but keep their shape unless chewed. I usually start out with them under my tongue and end up biting them into little pieces after 5-6 minutes.

  • sunny'smom - Another Use

    Actually have not had to use this product for fleas yet this summer, thank goodness. And I'm happy I ordered it early on when the price was much lower. However, because of the unusual dampness here the past few months I have once again begun to have an ant problem. About a decade ago a friend went to Australia and my souvenir was a package of wipes to help rid anyone having a problem with ants. The wipes contained peppermint and clove oil. The wipes worked to eliminate my problem. So, I am presently using the Vet's Best Natural Flea & Tick Home Spray for that purpose and happy to report I am having great success! Maybe it will help others having the same problem with ants.

  • Sheila - Good priduct

    Just what I was wanting. Excellent product. I would recommend this product to any one.. Than you for the great buy.