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Nursing Home Consulting Services - Harmony Healthcare International - Harmony Healthcare International is a professional services organization focused exclusively on assisting skilled nursing facilities to improve patient care

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  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/about-hhi About Us | Harmony Healthcare International - Harmony Healthcare International is a premier Nursing Home Consulting and Long-Term Care Consulting firm
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  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/hhi-team Our Team | Harmony Healthcare International - Meet the Harmony Healthcare International Team. HHI employs the best and brightest long-term care clinical consultants.
  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/what-we-do Skilled Nursing Consulting | Compliance | Revenue | What We Do - Provide Skilled Nursing Facilities with clinical expertise for the clinical, operational & compliance components of Medicare Medicaid & Rehab Programs
  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/consulting Skilled Nursing Consulting | Compliance | Education | Reimbursement - HHI provides Skilled Nursing Facilities with the clinical expertise to manage all components of Medicare, Medicaid and Rehabilitation Programs
  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/medicare-denied-claims-management Medicare Denied Claims Management | Appeals Process Consulting Service - Our services assist facilities in appealing notices of denial of payment and keep SNF providers informed of changes in Medicare.
  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/education-training Skilled Nursing Continuing Education and Training Services - Our mission is to educate all healthcare disciplines on the rules and regulations surrounding service delivery in the long-term care arena.
  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/talent-management Talent Management | Skilled Nursing Facilities Placement Services - Harmony Healthcare International has the unique ability to create successful career matches between candidates and clients.
  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/our-approach Skilled Nursing Facility | Compliance | Revenue | Our Approach - We are committed to the facilitation of the highest level of patient care through education and training of SNF/TCU staff from all departments.
  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/operational-assessments Operational Assessments | Skilled Nursing Facility Consulting - Operational Assessments include an operations review, billing analysis, reimbursement evaluation and recommendations for revenue enhancements and cost reductions.
  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/regulatory-preparedness Regulatory Preparedness | Skilled Nursing Facility Consulting - Preparing for a Joint Commission or Regulatory State Survey or Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities or Regulatory State Survey can be challenging.
  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/therapy-program-development Therapy Program Development | Skilled Nursing Facility Consulting - Most Medicare beneficiaries requiring care following a hospital admission are treated in nursing facilities.
  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/site-visit-process Site Visit Process | Skilled Nursing Facility Consulting - The HHI audit process is an intensive review of the medical record content for medical record accuracy, compliance concerns in addition to potential clinical opportunities.
  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/medicare-denied-claims-management/appeal-letter-preparation Medicare Denied Claims Appeal Letter Preparation | Medicare Denials - HHI's goal is to answer all of your questions about the appeal process and, if you choose, give you hands-on assistance when preparing the medical record.
  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/medicare-denied-claims-management/education-training Medicare Denied Claims Process Education | Medicare Denials Consulting - Harmony Healthcare International educates Skilled Nursing Facilities on the step-by-step appeals process for Medicare claims.
  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/medicare-denied-claims-management/medical-record-review-preparation Medicare Denied Claims Record Preparation | Skilled Nursing Facility Consulting - A flurry of questions must be addressed before a medical record can be submitted for review or appeal. Harmony assists providers in review and preparation of medical records under governmental Medicare Medical record review.
  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/certification-competency-courses Certification & Competency Courses | Skilled Nursing Facility Training - HHI's mission is to educate all healthcare disciplines on the rules and regulations surrounding service delivery in the long-term care arena.
  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/customized-trainings Customized Trainings | Skilled Nursing Facility Consulting - HHI offers a variety of educational programs geared to the long-term care industry. Programs are offered onsite at your facility or at Harmony University in Topsfield, MA.
  • http://www.harmony-healthcare.com/webinars Webinars | Skilled Nursing Facility Consulting - Harmony University offers the convenient option of web based training. This modern day style of learning is an efficient, cost effective way, to educate long-term care staff.

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