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How to end the nightmare of gastrointestinal disorders before they end you​. - Information about causes of constipation in infants, children, and adults. Common misinformation and wrong treatments

  • https://www.gutsense.org/gutsense/the-role-of-miralax-laxative-in-autism-dementia-alzheimer.html What are the side effects of MiraLAX? - MiraLAX and generics may cause autism, dementia, depression, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer and Parkinson, says the FDA
  • https://www.gutsense.org/constipation/normal_stools.html#transcript How to evaluate stools with Bristol stool chart - Normal stools require no effort or straining for elimination, and pass through the anal canal without any perception of pressure or pain.
  • https://www.gutsense.org/gutsense/constipation.html How to normalize stools and natural bowel movements - This guide describes the causes of abnormal stools, composition of normal stools, normal stool frequency, and constipation warning signs
  • https://www.gutsense.org/constipation/women.html Why do women get constipated more often than men? - Anatomical differences, excessive concerns over hygiene, social conditioning, and a propensity for “healthy nutrition” predisposes women to constipation.
  • https://www.gutsense.org/constipation/irregularity.html Difference between irregularity and constipation? - Big Pharma turning 'constipation' into 'irregularity' in order to cover up one of the most dominant side effects of prescription drugs.
  • https://www.gutsense.org/constipation/danger.html Is constipation dangerous for my health? - Constipation predisposes you to all major colorectal disorders starting with enlarged hemorrhoids and ending up with colorectal cancer.
  • https://www.gutsense.org/constipation/frequency.html How often should i move my bowels? - According to the dominant medical advice, moving your bowels as little as once every three days is considered normal.
  • https://www.gutsense.org/constipation/food.html Why do some foods cause constipation? - One 'food' component that may cause constipation — indigestible fiber. Too much fiber leads to bowel obstruction, too little indicates bowel dependence.
  • https://www.gutsense.org/constipation/stress.html Does stress cause constipation and why? - Chronic and sporadic stress disrupt regular bowel movements and contribute to constipation. The information on this page will help you break this cycle.
  • https://www.gutsense.org/constipation/alcohol.html Does alcohol cause constipation? - Alcohol inhibits digestion, causes dehydration, depresses glucose metabolism, compromises the functioning of the central and peripheral nervous systems.
  • https://www.gutsense.org/constipation/anal_sex.html Why does anal sex cause constipation? - Having anal sex is like having large hard stools, only in reverse. It also lasts longer than a bowel movement and may eventually result in greater carnage.
  • https://www.gutsense.org/constipation/travel.html What causes traveler's constipation? - Healthy people can't suppress the urge to move the bowels for too long no matter the circumstances or time zone.
  • https://www.gutsense.org/constipation/infant.html Why is my infant constipated? - The standing pediatric advice to accept irregular bowel movements as normal is a principal cause of constipation in infants and toddlers.
  • https://www.gutsense.org/constipation/toddler.html Why is my toddler suddenly constipated? - The wrong medical advice is behind chronic constipation in toddlers. It may result in diarrhea and development problems caused by the ensuing malnutrition.
  • https://www.gutsense.org/constipation/children.html What are the causes of constipation in older children? - Older children are affected by constipation for all the same reasons — bad medical advice, dietary fiber, over-hydration, addiction to laxatives.
  • https://www.gutsense.org/constipation/autism.html Why infant constipation and diarrhea may cause autism? - Over the past ten years the incidence of autism has increased by 850%. Just a generation ago this condition wasn‘t even on the radar. Here are some of the reasons why!
  • https://www.gutsense.org/constipation/doctors.html Why do doctors recommend fiber for constipation? - Unfortunately for patients, doctors are taught to recommend fiber not because it is good for them, but because it benefits those who wrote “the book.”
  • https://www.gutsense.org/store/colorectal-recovery-program.html#Why_doctors_are_not_recommending Colorectal Recovery Program - Professional-grade supplements for the treatment and prevention of chronic constipation and colorectal disorders

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